The story of the ranch and the story of the ranch fight for a cute pre-order plush toy

Since then Mid-autumn moon And Harvest Moon Having had their big division, the question was: which one is better? You can find the answer in the old-fashioned way by reading reviews and analyzing general opinions in a knowledgeable way, all I know it’s not the way to make a decision. The only fair decision you can make is “Which pre-order stuffed animal is cute?”

It’s basically a modern Judgment of Paris. Whichever you choose, either method can start a war.

In the red corner Harvest Moon: Oneworld Realistic spooky eyes and a round chicken stuffed animal that makes you jealous of sumo wrestlers. Harvest Moon also offers a “Magnetic Musical Diorama Set” featuring game music and small movable characters in case the scale turns around. (If the stuffed animal or magnetic one isn’t your jam, there’s also another Harvest Moon: oneworld pre-order bundle, featuring some very cute lapel pins.)

Chicken vs buffalo

In the blue corner Harvest Moon ‘ “Buffy the Buffalo” is about the same size as any other nose and is not qualified to answer as it leads to physics and biology problems. There are no magical musicals here, but the XSEED website has a cloth poster with the main illustrations as an additional pre-order bonus.

So which stuffed animal is cute? Or is it really important to judge these games more critically? Marriage candidate cute? … may require additional investigation time.

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