The storyline of Spider-Man comics that make great horror movies

Few superheroes have a villain’s rogue gallery as good as Spider-Man. Batman is probably the only other person at the same level in the department. That’s why the first thing to consider the next time you go to horror is to choose a villain that has never been seen on the screen. You don’t have to recycle what you’ve seen once (if not a few times) in the past. With that in mind, the story of Hobgoblin may be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Created by the great Roger Stern and John Romita Jr., Hobgoblin debuted on page The Amazing Spider-Man # 238. But from the beginning, it was clear that the Hobgoblin was a darker shade than the other Spider-Man villains. Even the cover artwork that accompanies the character’s entry into Peter Parker’s life, showing that a goblin in an orange suit splits Spider-Man’s suit in half, is enough to show the character’s dark nature. bottom. This wasn’t like fighting Scorpion or Shocker. This is another level, and the hobgoblin-centric story will be the most complex and harsh in hero history.

Hobgoblins have been hanging for years, but the “main” hobgoblin is a wealthy fashion designer named Roderick Kingsley, an unethical figure. A fellow George Hill in his name discovers the original Green Goblin hideout, which leads Roderick to Norman Osborne’s diary. He chooses to kill George to keep these secrets for himself and decides that his life is not interesting enough. What’s more interesting? Become a supervillain. That’s exactly what he’s doing, changing outfits, replacing greens with oranges, and becoming a hobgoblin with an overall more menacing look.

Roderick is a smart guy who manages to duplicate Norman Osborne’s original formula and give him enhanced strength, but manage to dodge all the madness that accompanies it. Green goblin.. This means he is just as strong, with his mental abilities intact.

The storyline of Spider-Man comics that make great horror movies

https://www.slashfilm.com/862954/the-spider-man-comic-book-storyline-that-would-make-a-great-horror-movie/ The storyline of Spider-Man comics that make great horror movies

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