The strange sound of Demon’s Souls?Just a glitch, Sony says

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After weeks of speculation, we finally got the answer for loud, seemingly random sound effects. Demon’s Soul Remake: Sony said Kotaku They are glitches, nothing more.

Since the game was released last month Demon’s Soul The player recorded several instances of strange sounds that didn’t exist in the original, ringing in different areas of the remake.Many people (including myself) wrote down these out-of-place noises as unintended bugs, but managed to survive. Updates after some releases.And they also saw Frequency and intensity have increased in the last few days..

For example, this is what these noises sounded like that day Demon’s Soul Launch, courtesy soul Archaeologist Lance McDonald:

And this is the racket they are making now. Political critic Hasan Paiker On Twitch:

Instead of the official description Demon’s Soul Players have naturally come up with some theories about what these noises mean. At an early stage, some thought it might indicate that the mechanism of global trends is changing online. It’s like listening to other players ringing the awakening bell. Dark soul..Others have sound effects Mysterious hidden door Before it was Finally unlocked..

But the most interesting hypothesis tied the remake to the original Demon’s Soul From the next game of developer software, the long-awaited Elden Ring..Many believed that the metal sound associations heard during the remake were the same sounds that the blacksmith made at the opening. Include Elden Ring E3 2019 video released.. please listen:

It was certainly a barbaric theory, but there was one obvious hole. From what we can know from the software Demon’s Soul Remake. Why does the studio use it as a way to make fun of future projects?

That said, I fully understand why the comparison was made.Information-hungry fans are looking for a new Mosel to get excited after years of radio prayer from FromSoftware Elden Ring, So that you can easily confirm the existence of the game last month It was enough to offend people.It’s easy to establish a connection when you want For something anything New arrival About the future game.

Thanks to the players who understand how to get the Providental Ring Earlier this week, These sound effects were one of the last protracted ones Demon’s Soul The mystery is still waiting to be resolved. My cynic is happy with this conclusion, soul My fans blame that nothing more meaningful is happening here.

Sony also said Kotaku The team is looking to fix these audio glitches, so enjoy as much as you can.

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