The strengths and weaknesses of HBO MaxMove that shakes the WB industry

Warner Bros. has announced that all films scheduled for theater release in 2021 will begin premiere on the HBO Max streaming service, starting with Wonder Woman 1984 on Christmas Day. Obviously, we were all pretty excited about the news because we were hungry for new movies in 2020, but when the first thrill is gone, there are some drawbacks to consider. No one will be happy with anything on the internet in 2020, so here’s a list of pros and cons. Watch the chat in the video below or read the bullet points!

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  • Professional: We can watch a lot of the long-awaited new blockbuster movies for a reasonable monthly fee without leaving the comfort and safety of the house. Dunes! Godzilla vs. Kong! Matrix 4! Space Jam: A new legacy! Mooooortal Kombaaaaaaat!

  • Cons: Disadvantages: This has been a huge blow to the already suffering cinema industry, especially small, independent theaters, affecting thousands of people employed in theaters of all sizes.

  • Professional: This is an incentive for more Americans to stay at home and prevent further exposure and spread of COVID-19.

  • Cons: Disadvantages: We are missing out on the experience of watching a movie. But most of the year, we didn’t really have it anyway, and even brave cinemas are unlikely to see us in a packed theater for a while.

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  • Professional: This is new for people with disabilities, those who don’t live near the theater, or those who don’t like to rush to see a 7:05 show for dinner or fall asleep during a 9:15 show. It makes the movie much easier to watch.

  • Cons: Disadvantages: Oh yeah, this is currently only in the United States, which is the worst for the rest of the world. On the contrary, congratulations on the significantly lower COVID number.

  • Professional: The dunes will probably be three hours long, and unless you have a working still suit, you will probably feel the need to spill your precious liquid, which may be the case. It’s as insulting to Fremen as it is. Thankfully, you can pause the movie and take a break in the bathroom.

  • Cons: Disadvantages: Pirates and smugglers do outdoor activities with this-it’s really hard to go to the movies if you live in a boat or are a wanted criminal who has to monitor a moonshine distillery maybe. Oh, and also people will rip these movies completely and put them on illegal file sharing sites right away.

  • Professional: Parents with young children struggle to get a movie-now they can watch some new movies without hiring a sitter and they pause to take care of their children can. Moreover, if their rotten screaming kid demands to watch Tom and Jerry repeatedly for a week in a row, it’s completely optional!

  • Cons: Disadvantages: Certain movies, especially big ones like The Matrix 4 and Dune, look and sound good on the big screen, no matter how good your home setup is.

  • Professional: You need to read a lot of commercials before the movie or hear Maria Menunos explain about a new show coming to AMC later this year, or how to download the NOOVIE RACADE app on your phone and play the game on the big screen. there is no.

  • Cons: Disadvantages: This sets a precedent that could eliminate everything from theatrical screenings except the biggest blockbuster. This means that mid-budget movies like Knives Out will either be delivered directly to VOD or will only appear on streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon.

  • Professional: look. This year is a really tough year for many and things aren’t great yet, but it’s nice to have fun, fun and stupid things like the movie Godzilla and King Kong beat their junk. Is that another, or a movie where Tom and Jerry beat each other’s junk, or a movie where everyone in Mortal Kombat beats each other’s junk, or Lin-Manuel Miranda’s new musical in the heights, everyone could beat Seems low, junk of each other.

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  • Cons: Disadvantages: The HBO Max app requires some work! It doesn’t look good anywhere, it has a lot of console bugs, and it doesn’t yet exist on various smart TVs, Roku devices, and PlayStation 5.

  • Professional: There are no rules! Do you want to talk about movies? Get angry. Want to bring food outside? Hey, it’s your home. Want to see Mortal Kombat completely nude while hitting Long Island Iced Tea and shouting the Mortal Kombat theme song at the top of your lungs? It’s between you and your neighbor. Do you want to check your phone during the movie? You can do it without strangers publicly ashaming you.

  • Cons: Disadvantages: You’ll stare at your cell phone while watching half of the movie that you would have been completely focused on in the theater.

  • Professional: With money saved on tickets, shops, gas, parking, Uber, babysitters, more people start investing in better TVs and sound systems so that everything they see all year long looks better I hope it will be. Now they need to google how to adjust them and disable the motion blur setting that makes everything look like soap opera. Dad, I’m looking at you

  • Cons: Disadvantages: There is nothing comparable to the taste of popcorn in movie theaters. You can duplicate at home with a strange chemical called coconut oil, kernel, and flavacol to melt the strange synthetic butter, but not the same if you haven’t paid $ 8.75 to a teenager.

What do you think of this news? Are you looking forward to seeing a new movie at home next year, or, as we know, worried that this is the death of watching a movie? And who is most excited to see each other’s junk next year, whether it’s a big screen or a small screen? Let us know in the comments!

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