The Strong Museum contains decades of files from the LGBTQ game archive

Strong has added another treasure trove of game development artifacts to the museum, this time in partnership with the LGBTQ Game Archive.

In doing so, The Strong has acquired not only primary sources, but also articles, websites, blogs, web forums, videos, and images that cover decades of history on the game’s LGBTQ themes.

“This collection is an important resource for anyone studying game gender, sexuality, or LGBTQ expression throughout history, enabling the museum to tell the story of the video game industry more completely,” said the museum archivist. Read the statement by Julia Novakovic.

“From hidden subtexts and problematic stories to games where players can make their own decisions about a character’s sexuality, weird expressions in video games have made great strides in the last few decades.”

Novakovic said in a press release that this latest development will also help extend the history of video games already featured at the Strong Museum. Sims And some Sierra online titles.

The LGBTQ Game Archive itself was first founded by Adrian Shaw and has been working with Temple University research assistants and volunteers for the past five years to develop a collection of information about games, including LGBTQ content and themes.

“The master list of games compiled through the LGBTQ game archive has grown to 1,290 games. This is a never-ending project, but my collaborators and I have six journal articles or book chapters, some We have created a blog. Posts, interviews, commentary articles, museum exhibits and catalogs. This website, which has been published since 2016, has been accessed 1.8 million times as of December 2020. ”

“And now, the primary sources will have a permanent home in Strong to help further this important study.”

Learn more about the materials received by the Strong Museum, including an extensive list of what the LGBTQ Game Archive has passed.

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