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Sheila Ford Hump, Detroit Lions (Photo by Leon Harip / Getty Images)

If the new regime succeeds, the positive effects can lead to long-term changes in the Detroit Lions

The· Detroit Lions Once the king of the NFL jungle. Back in the 1950s, they were a dynasty that other teams were afraid and envious of. Today … well, let’s just say that other self-respecting teams are no longer jealous of them.

In just a few days on December 29th, we will celebrate the 63rd anniversary of the final Detroit Lions championship. Notorious date here in Motor City. Not because the last title was meaningless, but because the franchise couldn’t build a team with a legitimate chance to win everything, at least since then.

Frankly, Lions have been a mining business since the last championship, as they delved into depths never imagined by the 1950s power plant team. They have only done 12 postseasons in the last 63 years, making them the winning team in total. 1 The lonely playoff game at that time.

In fact, on January 5, 1992, the Detroit Lions became the only NFL franchise to defeat Jimmie Johnson’s Dallas Cowboys in the postseason. A week later, they traveled to Washington for the NFC Championship Game, but were destroyed at 41-10.

Even if the Lions actually had the highest score, it was brutally shattered before they knew what had happened. Almost 28 years later, even that only playoff victory is a distant memory.

Today, Lions are regaining their composure for their final finish in NFC North. The administrations of General Manager Bob Quinn and Head Coach Matt Patricia are the latest in the reign of this turmoil, suffering from possible ritual failures and subsequent asylum in all administrations the franchise has adopted since 1957. The Ford model, Sheila Ford Hump, continues to explore endless cures.

With the help of multiple advisors, Sheila is deeply involved in the process of finding new general managers and head coaches who can turn this dire franchise around. Maybe with a lot of help and even more luck, Lions will finally find the leadership they lacked in the last 60 years.

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The success of the new Detroit Lions regime can have long-term benefits The success of the new Detroit Lions regime can have long-term benefits

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