The Supreme Sin of the Solar Empire: Rebellion Remodeling

Sins of a Solar Empire was a great entry strategy game at the time. First released in 2008, the game combines the best RTS and 4X games with a fleet of capital ships and sub-capital ships between systems when fighting to dominate a randomized map. Created a wonderfully ruthless space-based strategic experience to dance.

It was a flawed experience, but one of the Ironclad Games team repeated several enhancements such as Trinity, and the “decisive” edition of the game using the 2012 Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion. I tried to run it. The only real “sin” of SOASE is that it never got a proper sequel, even after this time. I don’t know what happened to the developers (who still seemed to patch the game and release the DLC), but at some point they were sued by Rebellion, so at least they’re there. Is a good thing.

One of the reasons why games continue to be popular is the enthusiastic and talented mod community.Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion has several great mods, many of which have been ported to. And From other games. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite picks.

The Supreme Sin of the Solar Empire: Rebellion Remodeling

The best sins of remodeling the Solar Empire are:

  • The sin of the prophet
  • Sin of the Galactic Empire
  • Star Wars: Sloan’s Revenge II Dominance
  • Star Trek: Armada 3
  • Dawn of reaping
  • Stargate invasion
  • Enhanced 4X Mod

The sin of the prophet

Who knew that the best Halo games would actually be a mod for a strategy game nine years ago? Okay, okay, fine – I’m amused, but the Halo franchise has always focused on action on the ground, incredibly focused against the backdrop of interstellar warfare. It’s a story.

With SOASERebellion’s Sins of the Prophet mod, you can survive the space-based Halo fantasy with a fully fleshed out UNSC and Covenant faction. This is one of the mod projects that could turn into a professional studio with the right help, and the team created very high quality art and audio assets for the mod and introduced new features. The base game has changed significantly.

Interestingly, this team, the team behind the Galactic Empire Sin mod described below, and the ArmA 3 and Tiberian Sun Halo-themed mod team worked together to create a chokepoint game. This may be one piece of clothing to keep an eye on.

Star Destroyer kills and explodes in the distance

Sin of the Galactic Empire

By the way, the Galactic Empire sin of another “Chokepoint Game” project is one of the major Star Wars Sun Empire sins at the moment. This is an old mod that hasn’t been properly updated since 2018, but with the help of chokepoints things should work again.

This is another complete transformation featuring ships and materials from the major Galactic Civil Wars, the Clone Wars, and the Yuuzhan Vong Wars. I don’t know how far these latter two eras have progressed, but the core of the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire is all there. Warning word, at the time of writing this mod, recent official DLC like minor factions are not available.

Fleet of various Star Destroyer in space

Star Wars: Sloan’s Revenge II Dominance

Star Wars: Thrawn’s Revenge is another popular Star Wars mod created by the same team that created the Empire at War mod of the same name. It brings factions and ships from several eras, and even jumps into the legacy extended universe to bring back minor factions such as the Chiss Ascendancy and the Hapes Consortium.

It’s worth remembering that this is a port of the original Empire at War mod, so it doesn’t have all the same features as before. Although there are some similarities, the design concerns are different because Sins of a Solar Empire is a game that is fundamentally different from Empire at War. Still pretty good.

Voyager-class ships are being chased

Star Trek: Armada 3

While not many games seem to be suitable for Star Trek-themed content, Sins of a Solar Empire is a very flexible game that can be applied to many IPS. There are some Star Trek mods in SOASE, but let’s take a look at Armada 3.

This is a full conversion mod that takes place during the Dominion War (the second half of the Deep Space Nine): United Federation of Planets, Klingon Empire, Romulan Star Empire, Cardassian Union / Dominion Alliance, and Borg Group. The mod was officially released a few years ago, but the team is working towards a more “decisive” version of Armada 3, preferably later this year.

Armada 3 is the most popular Star Trek mod for the sins of the Solar Empire at the time of writing, but there are two more in 10 locations. That is, Star Trek: the sacrifice of Angel 2 and the federal era. You also need to check them.

Fleet of various Mass Effect spacecraft

Dawn of reaping

You rarely get a Mass Effect mod, but if BioWare’s definitive RPG space opera doesn’t have a new game, you’ll get whatever you can. The Dawn of the Reapers hasn’t made any major updates since 2019, but the developers are still very active and working on things.

It brings factions and ships from the entire Mass Effect universe, including the System Alliance, the Council, and even the Reaper himself. With the latest update, developers have been working hard to play this mod without the need for DLC. This is great for them.

Stargate invasion

It’s a crime we honestly didn’t have a serious stargate game. All the years the show has been held and the possibilities it can offer. Personally, I’ve always thought it would be the perfect feed for XCOM-style games, but I’ll also cover the fully fleshed Sins of a Solar Empire mod.

Stargate Invasion features Tauri, Aslan, Gourd, Wraith, and Asgardian as playable races, each with its own custom ship model, AO, and artwork. Asgardians and Wraith are still WiP, but the other three are fully playable and Wraith will be released in the near future, preferably this year.

Fleet of ships locked in battle

Enhanced 4X Mod

To complete this list, we’ll leave the cool license ties and return to the originally created Sins of a Solar Empire. There aren’t many folklore or stories beyond what you’ll see in the opening trailer, but the world of sin is pretty decent, and many enjoy tinkering with its super-aggressive vision of the distant future.

The Enhanced 4X mod is an attempt to embody other “X” s in game design. Theoretically, Sins is a hybrid RTS / 4X game, but it focuses more on the “cleanup” part than any other game. The E4X seeks to rebalance things by including new mechanics such as hero units, new subfactions, encounters, new ship upgrades, and even new spy mechanics for diplomacy. In particular, we want to enhance the strategic and non-combat parts of the game.

There are lots of cool options and tweaks you can make, their developers are their own mod managers for games that allow you to customize your offerings to suit what you are looking for. Created, it’s pretty neat.

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If you like what you see about the E4X mod, there’s actually a Star Wars mod inspired by its design. If you want to apply the features and philosophy of E4X to distant galaxies, check out Star Wars: Interregnum.

12 Colonies Battlestar Fights Cylon Base Ship

How to Remodel the Sin of the Solar Empire: Rebellion

Despite being available on Steam (and at a fairly decent price on sale), the Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion Absent It is integrated with the Steam Workshop. It needs to be modified a little manually.

Sins of a Solar Empire uses its own internal mod manager, and you are free to enable or disable mods. It has few nuances and can’t handle conflicts or technical errors, but it’s better than nothing.

in this way: The best space games on your PC

In general, you need to get the zip file and unzip it to a suitable location. For mods that require the latest version of Sins, for Windows users: C: Users Documents My Games Ironclad Games Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion Mods-Rebellion v1.85

Once the mods are in place, you can return to the “mods” section of the menu and use them in-game. In some cases, if the total conversion mods are large, you may need to reboot before playing.

Some things to remember:

  • You need to make sure that you have launched the game at least once. From the main menu[オプション],[mod]Move in the order of[modパスを表示]Click. This will create a folder.
  • Some mods come with mod files nested in folders. Vanilla Manager cannot handle nested files, so follow the instructions to see what bits you actually need to include in your mod folder.
  • This handy guide to Steam has lots of tips for modifying your game.

The golden rule of all mod guides is to always read the mod installation instructions to install, even if you provide some general advice. They should include the specific ones you need, as well as the general versatile advice you give for all mods.

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