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Mazepin made his F1 debut in Haas earlier this year after graduating from Formula 2, but had a hard time matching his teammate Mick Schumacher’s form until the beginning of the season.

Mazepin beat Schumacher in a one-time finish race in Monaco, but recently The team noticed that his chassis was slightly heavier than his teammate’s chassis.

After the summer vacation, Haas will provide Mazepin with a new chassis for the VF-21 car, trying to solve a problem that Russian drivers felt was having a “significant impact” on his performance.

When asked what he could get from the lightweight chassis after the introduction, Mazepin revealed that he had already used it in Monaco and finished ahead of Schumacher.

“I drove the car only in Monaco. Only one race was offered,” Mazepin said.

“This is a physical mathematical difference. We drivers are in a position to fight every 800 grams or kilos weigh. A little less water to make sure they are as light as possible in qualifying. I also drink it.

“Then, obviously, losing 4 kilometers on the chassis makes a big difference on long straights on every circuit, like Paul Ricard and Austria. Then go to Silverstone.

“It’s hard to say what I expect at this point because we have to wait.”

Nikita Mazepin, Haas VF-21

Photo: Eric Junius

Mazepin had previously said he felt “quite lost” when trying to complete Haas’s car setup. Due to the difficulty of aerodynamic packaging, we call it “one of the most difficult things I’ve ever driven”.

“I’m very new in Formula 1,” Mazepin said. “I’m still discovering those things [with the car weight making such an impact]..

“For example, Formula 2 wouldn’t have been that important, but I think Formula 1 is a very high-performance environment.

“On the technical side, I’m just starting to realize that it’s a lot more complicated than I had imagined earlier this year.”

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At the heart of Mazepin’s fight against Haasker was related to his stability as he entered the corner, and he acknowledged his weaknesses throughout his junior career.

“We are trying to maximize the performance of poorly performing cars,” Mazepin said.

“The trend is that I’m pretty bad at driving a car with less stable entries. That’s one thing Haas doesn’t have this year.

“Then we try to find something that isn’t in the car, and then we get to a totally desperate place.

“Oh yeah, it wasn’t very informative, but I’m really looking forward to the next new track at Silverstone.”

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The technical side of F1 is “much more complicated” than expected The technical side of F1 is “much more complicated” than expected

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