The third-party title is “Enriching the Nintendo Switch Gaming Experience” – My Nintendo News

A few weeks ago, Nintendo held a six-month financial results briefing. As always, the financial results briefing has a Q & A segment where investors ask Nintendo various questions. The Q & A segment transcript is usually posted the next day, and the English-translated version is posted a week or two later.

By the way, the English translation version of the Q & A segment of the recent financial results briefing has been posted. Among them, Shuntaro Furukawa, president of Nintendo, will be asked about the impact of third-party games on Switch in the future. Mr. Furukawa said, “Other software publishers are planning to release various titles for Nintendo Switch in the future. There are many genres that we can not make by ourselves, but by providing such titles, Nintendo Switch’s I am very grateful that the gaming experience has been enriched.

Mr. Furukawa said, “As for the speed of sales growth, it is a fact that sales of Nintendo Switch software are increasing for both Nintendo titles and titles of other software publishers, and a platform that can do both Nintendo Switch. I want to keep it in good shape. “


Nintendo’s Shuntaro Furukawa: third-party titles “enriches the Nintendo Switch gaming experience”

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