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The Russians will be on the sidelines in 2021 after AlphaTauri chooses to replace F2 front runner Yuki Tsunoda next year.

Kvyat is open to acting as a reserve driver as a stop gap before focusing on getting a full-time F1 return in 2022.

And he feels that his experience in F1 after the two spells he has made makes him a promising candidate for many teams.

“Ideally 2022 will be a logical year to come back, as there are new regulations and the team needs experience,” Kvyat explained.

“We can guarantee that the experience is really very important, especially when new regulations come into force. I feel that there is a lot to give to the sport, so of course I will do my best to come back. “

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Kvyat admits that the Monza event made a different impression of their rivals throughout the season, but this year against teammate Pierre Guthrie after the car was adjusted to fit him better. I feel like I’ve shown it well.

“Of course, his victory cast a shadow over all the good things I did this year, but that’s normal,” he said. “He did a great race, but overall, I feel like I’m a more complete driver now.

“And you can get more than 100% performance, even if you and your future are under very high pressure. This was a bit of a problem in the past.”

Kvyat feels he was only able to reach his full potential after admitting that his career progressed too quickly when he was young.

“I think my career in F1 was very fast, as everything sometimes happened so fast,” he said.

“I really didn’t even understand what happened after my first stint in F1. I missed the step before F1 because I came after GP3. I went to Toro Rosso and had a strong year at Toro Rosso at that time. I was promoted to Red Bull Racing shortly after a year.

“There was also a strong season with Red Bull Racing. [before] We all know what happened. Then I had a hard time for a couple of years. “”

“Everything happened so fast that I think I was actually a bit lacking in F1 experience, and when I returned to 2019 last year I took a completely different approach.

“I haven’t forgotten everything I’ve done so far. I’ve just started with a very fresh page. It’s a bit rookie. But I managed to learn something new and I managed to feel this year too. Many advances.

“In the last two years in Formula 1, I feel much more complete and I feel like I’m always ready to drive at a high level, and now I have a chance with the top teams. Then that would be another story. “

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The top chances of the F1 team will now be “a completely different story” The top chances of the F1 team will now be “a completely different story”

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