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As soon as the trade around you becomes a hot topic Philadelphia 76ers Star Ben Simmons picks up with Masai Ujiri Toronto Raptors Mentioned as a potential landing site. Coupled with their disappointing 2020-21 season, their desire to be younger and more versatile made this move somewhat meaningful in a vacuum.

However, both Simmons and 76ers did everything possible to completely destroy the normal similarity. In addition to Molly refraining from ridiculous hauling with multiple elite players and the first draft topic, Simmons is so sharpened and cut that potential buyers could be turned off. ..

Simmons’ trading demands reached boiling point on Tuesday and were kicked out of practice by Dock Rivers for refusing to participate in the defensive drill. It’s fun to joke about Simmons shots, but he’s so talented that insiders like Markstein are trying to stir trade speculation despite all his luggage.

Stein (application required) Despite the fact that Simmons was so enthusiastic and determined to hurt his value, 76ers took action for OG Anunoby (yes, seriously) and veteran scorer Goran Dragic to help the backcoat. You may be interested in that.

This is still a prediction, but people who are plugged in like Stein may not mention their names for no reason. That said, if the offer is put on the table by Molly and Philadelphia doesn’t want to lower their demands, Ujiri may fall out of his chair with a laugh.

The Raptors must reject Simmons’ attempts to trade, no matter how strong the urge to steal depreciable assets for the dollar penny.

Masai Ujiri and the Toronto Raptors should not be exchanged for Ben Simmons.

Molly has made heartfelt laughter from Raptors fans in the past. Fred VanVleet, Anunoby, and Storage of first round picks Get Simmons (including those that become Scottie Barnes). Molly seems to be trying to get over Ujiri and the Raptors because Pascal Siakam isn’t on the market.

Anunoby, like Simmons, is one of the best defensive players in the game. Unlike previous LSU stars, Anunoby has sought to expand its aggressive game and become a better shooter.Young and cheap, why Toronto Never thought of giving him out With such a transaction?

For the sake of discussion, let’s say the front office has a legitimate desire to take Ben Simmons to the Toronto Raptors. Why do they want him after what he did on Tuesday?

Imagine what happens when he’s fainted and fighting with a player like Joel Embiid or a coach like Dock Rivers and a championship candidate, and the losses pile up in Toronto. This fictitious move only goes against the way this organization is trying to build.

Both parties took every opportunity to exacerbate this. Simmons is hurting his value by refusing to engage the 76ers, and Molly prolongs the situation by holding a very high asking price.

If Simmons traded somewhere, especially if Anunoby is trading, it may not be Toronto.

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The Toronto Raptors have to resist the Ben Simmons deal, despite its declining value The Toronto Raptors have to resist the Ben Simmons deal, despite its declining value

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