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Tanguy Ndombele is one of the greatest career changes in recent history, and the former Lyon man is now the go-to player for Jose Mourinho.

When Tottenham defeated Wycome in the FA Cup yesterday, he got out of the bench and scored two goals.

A year ago he had a hard time impressing at the club, but now he is one of the first names on the team seat.

His poor start may have sacrificed his Tottenham career when the club made the always demanding Mourinho their new manager.

Due to expectations from the Portuguese, he clashed with the midfielder, but Ndombele responded well to the failure to start his career in the Premier League.

Skysport praised him for seeing how he changed his career in northern London.

Adambait ran through how impressive he was, especially including his special dribbling that helped the Spurs open the team.

He wrote Sky sports: “The story of Endombele is even more enjoyable given the nature of its redemption. The fear is this £ 53.8 million record signature, a man who lamented that Mourinho was once always injured, especially in Burnley in March. After being withdrawn, especially for a poor show, it was left to history as an expensive Tottenham mistake.

“The failure to register a single sprint in that game at Turf Moor seems to summarize the lethargy that envelops his game, not only limiting his effectiveness, but also the severe Mourinho he cannot deviate from. Set him on a collision course with.

“But there was a reaction from the controversial personal training session in the park to the apparent adaptability that Mourinho pointed out when discussing Ndombele in September.”

“Some of them are in the numbers. Ndombele completes dribbles more than twice as often as other Tottenham players. That alone helps to break the line and open the game for his team. I will.

He continued. “Ndombele dribbles in unusual places and can defeat the opposition press in doing so. It’s rare to see players dribbling so effectively in the central zone, and in its deep midfield. You can do that when you’re working in a role or when you’re behind a forward.

“Interestingly, when looking for evidence of Ndombele’s performance improvement, it’s not in these important areas of his game: dribbling and carrying the ball. When his overall contribution was questioned. Even he was demonstrating his core strengths.

“His recent excess of goals is a convenient moment to celebrate his growing importance to Tottenham, but his general play on the ball was not the biggest aspect of change.

“It’s no wonder that Ndombele has earned Mourinho’s trust, which shows that he can stay focused for a long time. These are the qualities he demands from his players.

“Even though Ndombele hasn’t registered the same fractions he did in his debut campaign, this season already covers more areas than last time. Most notably, the most important of the past. The criticism is that the number of high-intensity sprints has quadrupled. Ndombele’s game has more energy, which makes a difference. “

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The transformation of Ndombele as described in these new revelations The transformation of Ndombele as described in these new revelations

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