The UFC doesn’t want Habib Nurmagomedov to leave “on his own terms,” ​​says Georges St-Pierre. – MMA Sports

Dana White looked fine when Georges St-Pierre announced that he would leave MMA in 2013. The UFC President immediately stabbed the GSP about his choice of words. The long-time welterweight king argued that gloves needed to be hung “for a short time” after a fierce battle with future champion Johny Hendricks.

“He didn’t say he would retire,” White said at the time. “He said I’m going to rest a little. You’re not just saying,” Hey, I’m going to rest for a while, maybe I’ll be back, maybe I won’t. ” You owe it to your fans, you owe it to that belt, you owe it to this company, and you fight Johny Hendricks again unless you intend to retire I owe it to give you the opportunity. “

“No.” “Listen, I’m going on a cruise, and I’m going on a two-year break. I’ll take a leave. No matter what he says, it’s how it is. It doesn’t work. “

But shortly thereafter, Saint-Pierre vacated his belt. He never returned to MMA for another four years. At the time, he defeated middle-weight champion Michael Bisping, further strengthening his legacy as one of the greatest legends in sports history.

The decision to leave as prime minister as an elite competitor is the unique decision of lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov to leave MMA, and why White is pursuing a return to the “Eagle” Octagon. Gave GSP its own insight into about, very stubbornly. From Saint-Pierre’s point of view, the UFC isn’t happy to see the great fighters leave on their terms. They place too much emphasis on continuity and always have a man who beats him.

“That’s why they feel Habib is undefeated and want to keep Habib,” explains Saint-Pierre, how boxing first advertises fighters and then belts / promotions. In contrast to UFC’s willingness to always lead. brand. “He probably has the most dominant career ever. I don’t even know if he lost a round — he may have lost a round, but he dominates all his opponents. I am.

“They don’t want him to leave in his terms, they want a man to beat him, and when they do,” Well, now you can leave. ” , Habib is smart. I think he is very smart. He took the lead. That’s nothing wrong. “

The GSP mindset is that “promotions need to focus on athletes rather than promotions …”, but the desire for the UFC belt to represent the best fighters in the world is that star champions are no longer at the top. There is none.

But when Henry Cejudo left, whether it was Habib or not, it certainly didn’t seem to be a driving force. But again, like GSP, Dagestan’s Lightweight King is a major PPV seller for promotion. And above all, White & Co. Seems to be the reason they didn’t like to go.

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The UFC doesn’t want Habib Nurmagomedov to leave “on his own terms,” ​​says Georges St-Pierre. The UFC doesn’t want Habib Nurmagomedov to leave “on his own terms,” ​​says Georges St-Pierre.

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