The UK Scalper Group sells more PS5 consoles than any retailer

It was in stock, but the bot bought it all (Photo: Sony)

The group of scalpers who bought the PS5 console and sold it at a significantly higher price has sold up to 3,500 units on eBay and other sites.

If you think It seems unfair for one person to buy seven PlayStation 5 consoles. Some have been able to further game the pre-order system, which seems to remain one of the only remaining PlayStation 5 sources in the world.

These scalpers are more organized than you might think, using sophisticated bots to buy consoles from authorized retailers and offer subscription services to thousands of paying members.

One of the UK groups, called CrepChiefNotify, claims that every member has 2,472 PlayStation 5 consoles and just under 1,000 pre-orders that haven’t been collected yet due to out of stock.

According to a Business Insider report, the group has 12 staff and charges £ 29.99 to £ 399.99 for subscriptions. Members, from video game consoles to rare trainers, have to pay before they get the chance to buy a rare product.

For the launch of PlayStation 5, the group claims to “run a bot for its members and guarantee at least one PS5 almost 100%.”

The bots used are specially designed apps that often bypass shop site cues, allowing humans to buy items faster than ever before.

The bot has already been accused of crashing many UK sites during its launch, retailers clearly can’t stop using it, and it could become more sophisticated and popular in the future. there is.

Shops are expected to increase their PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S inventory in time for Black Friday later this week, but so far there is no guarantee. Even if you have a scalper, there first.

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UK scalper group has more PS5 consoles to sell than any retailer

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