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The United States shows how to regain confidence in Nigeria’s democracy

Embassy officials in the United States (USA) have pointed out ways to regain confidence in Nigeria’s democracy, which is believed to be declining rapidly.

This was due to heightened concerns about the fate of democracy in Africa on the first day of a three-day town hall meeting series in Port Harcourt, Rivers, sponsored by the Nigerian Editor’s Guild (NGE). is. From the US Embassy due to capsizing or attempted coups in many African countries over the past year.

Jeanne Clark, the representative of the US Embassy in Nigeria, who submitted her dissertation at the Juanita Hotel in Port Harcourt, cited free and fair elections as one way to restore confidence in the country’s democracy.

Clark warned that the world’s attention has been directed to Nigeria since 2023, saying that Nigerian journalists have an important role to play.

A source said: Determine who you hear and which news topics are covered in detail. You help get rid of the trivial things (problems) to focus on the essence.

“You interview citizens and potential voters whose voices are not always amplified or heard. You may not necessarily notice it, but when you talk to a victim or an underrated person, It helps reduce the indifference of voters. We encourage you to take positive steps in favor of transparency. “

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Clark said accurate and unbiased access to information is important to all democracy in the world. She is in a hurry to check facts and needs to reduce or identify bias to prevent the spread of false information on that track.

Clark also gave insights into how brown enveloping journalism eroded the profession and urged Nigerian practitioners to demand good salaries and other tax cuts for media houses.

She said the point was to bring the people to the throne of responsible democracy. This is by promoting transparency and accountability, inclusiveness and fairness, the rule of law, and fundamental freedoms.

“Finding evidence that a malicious individual tried to hide or deny would empower law enforcement and the judicial system.” However, journalists said the cases found were from other weapons. I was wondering if I would take action.

Regarding democracy, she said the headlines in Nigerian newspapers indicate that there is a threat to Nigerian democracy. She said democracy has already collapsed, especially in Sudan, Chad and Mali.

She identified factors that erode the belief in democracy, such as sponsorship politics, corruption, and inequality.

Paulinus Nsirim of the Rivers State Commissioner for Information and Communications warned that Nigerian journalism is at stake and most journalists are working in very difficult situations. But he said this did not justify the sale of the soul of journalism.

Mustafa Isa, President of NGE, and Tony Iyare, an international journalist and development expert, showed how journalists can set the agenda. Yale warned against the crash of Nigeria, saying it would destabilize Africa with a huge refugee explosion.

The United States shows how to regain confidence in Nigeria’s democracy The United States shows how to regain confidence in Nigeria’s democracy

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