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The· Chevrolet corvette 2021 is the same C8 that rocked the automotive industry. Debut in 2019.. Behind the driver is the same 6.2-liter V8, which produces 490 horsepower (360 kW) or 495 horsepower (364 kW) in the Z51 package. The design is the same, the performance specifications are the same, We have already checked out the new 2021 colors.. However, there are some technical changes that are worth mentioning.

Rick Corvette Conti This informative YouTube video details C8’s technical changes to infotainment setup. The big news is the addition of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Chevrolet We also added a buckle-up feature that requires the driver’s safety belt to be fastened. Before The car shifts out of the park. If it sounds absolutely annoying, the car will eventually shift to gear after a 20 second delay. More The trouble is that this feature can be completely disabled in the settings menu.

There are some more friendly changes to note. A new shortcut to access the powertrain settings is available by pressing the Z button on the steering wheel twice. This instantly opens Performance Traction Management (PTM) mode, giving you access to a variety of settings and drive modes.When you return to the infotainment screen, the new drive mode customization options in the settings are basically integrated. Z mode And My mode Features that include new visualizations that allow the driver to see specific powertrain settings. For that matter, some changes to stereo display graphics are also fresh in 2021.

Sure it’s a bit inside baseball, but these are the ones technicians and corvette enthusiasts love to absorb. In the future, it will also be a useful way to distinguish between the first and second years of C8 production. In any case, think you should arm yourself for the next Auto Trivia Night.

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The video accurately shows the new features of the 2021 Corvette C8 The video accurately shows the new features of the 2021 Corvette C8

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