The VR3000 is the first gaming headset from the Japanese Audio Specialist Final

We love The Sixth Axis’ great gaming headsets here-“us” primarily means me, and my ongoing efforts to find new and exciting tones that fill my ears with tinnitus. Attempt-and just in time for Christmas, we will open the first gaming headphones to the public in the form of the VR3000 at the Japanese Audio Specialist Final.

Final has been in the audio business for over 50 years, all the while pushing cutting-edge technology and design to viewers and innovating in that area.

The VR3000 is the first final earphone, specially created with gamers in mind. In the shape of an in-ear monitor, designed to be small and extremely lightweight, you can listen and play for hours without the usual signs of fatigue that over-ear sets and on-ear sets can cause. can do.

Designed to provide headphone-like spatial sound with pinpoint accuracy and clarity, the in-ear design is more mobile and device-friendly when compared to the unruly, power-intensive set. Improves compatibility.

The VR3000 connects via a 3.5mm jack. This means it’s compatible with almost everything from Oculus Quest 2, PS5, Xbox Series X to older, trusted Nintendo Switches. Made of rugged ABS, it features an in-line mic and a 3-button controller, boasting 18 ohm impedance and 101 dB sensitivity.

The final is aimed at achieving deep bass and top-end details, which we aimed to achieve with our own 6mm dynamic driver. Sure, they seem to think a lot about design and can’t wait to test their pace.

The VR3000 will be available for £ 69.99 / $ 79.99 and will be released on December 10, 2020.


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