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“The way color science has made us modern” to unleash humanity in “The Matrix Resurrections”. – Science Inquirer

We live in a world full of colors. The clothes on our bodies, the gadgets in our hands, the cars we ride every day, our food packages, the light that bursts from our screens. Whether you are aware of it or not, we are surrounded by bright colors. The truth is, it’s very easy to take them for granted. Whether we notice them or not, the generation of colors, and what they mean, plays an important role in human history.

Full spectrum: how color science has made us modern We explore many aspects of our complex but essential relationship with color by Adam Rogers. It lacks the words of scientific (the way colors look and wavelengths of light create rainbow colors) and cultural (various cultures are common colors, most famously ancient Greeks and blues). (Often), and across industries (the number of scientific and technological advances associated with new ways to produce color). Rogers shows that the invention of a single new color (a rare event) can benefit owners of the manufacturing process in the millions of dollars, as color is so important to modern beings. I am.

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More obvious uses of color as a way of communicating information, such as paintings, graphic novels, and movies, can be seen in visual arts. This recent example can be seen in the movie, The Matrix Resurrections..

The latest work of the Wachowski sisters matrix Franchise, revival Neo discovered that he was back in the presence of Hamdrum as a computer game designer renowned for creating trilogy games that closely resemble the first three contents. matrix movie. After all, Trinity also has pedestrians living somewhere in the same city. From time to time, their roads intersect at a local coffee shop. The character’s new cast rescues Neo from his Matrix-based presence and once again chooses whether he wants to see his presence as to what it is or to continue to live in computer-generated illusions. I will try to let you.Of course, this has been seen before

In addition to the occasional clumsy wirework that provides some of the most iconic visuals in the movie, matrix Best known for its early adoption of green on computer screens and the use of striking colors to express free will.When Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) first discusses the nature of The Matrix with Neo (Keanu Reeves) matrix In the movie, he can choose between red pills and blue pills. The former represents the unpleasant reality of being outside the Matrix, while the latter only allows Neo to continue to be a virtual being manipulated within the Matrix. Neo chooses a red pill, torn from the illusion of his existence to reality and into his human form.

Lana Wachowski’s red choice is important and meaningful. Rogers provides a way to a very readable page color semiotics. Full spectrum (It’s been published for over 20 years since the red and blue pill scenes, but be careful).

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according to Full spectrum, Red appears to be one of the earliest primary colors that humans have acquired, adopted, and integrated into their daily lives. In this sense, it is one of the most important. This is linguistically supported.

“All languages ​​contain white and black terms. If a language contains three color terms, then that language contains red terms. The language contains four colors. If the language contains either green or yellow (but not both), then the language contains five terms, then the language is green. Both yellow terms are included. ”

As a signifiant, red is higher than other colors in two important ways. It has additional implications, and as a result, the ability to produce red pigments is becoming more important. These two elements reinforce each other. The more culturally important red became, the more important its production became. The more urgent the production of a product, the greater its symbolic meaning and usage in various rituals. As a result, producing red pigments from ocher stands out as one of the earliest and most important technological developments of mankind.

According to Rogers, “ocher (red, yellow, orange, brown) was one of the first pigments used by humans, which means that humans collect these iron oxide-based minerals and many of them. There is evidence in archaeological records that they were ground into single bacterial or dust mote (0.01-1 micron) sized particles. Then they were mixed into some medium and they were put together. Ocher is human, along with white made from chalk or calcium carbonate, and black obtained from charcoal or manganese dioxide, for the purpose of retaining and giving something a color that was not previously available. Was the basic palette of art. “

Red has become the color most relevant to our early cultural practices and identities. Thus, it is primitive and primitive, a symbolic expression of our vitality and thus of our humanity.

Green and blue are the colors that immediately come to mind in the Washawski movie series, but red is the most important for the reasons mentioned above. Matrix: ResurrectionIn particular, this is supported. Red appears consistently throughout the film and has something to do with humanity each time. The color of life. (The trailer applies to all the scenes I’m about to explain, so if you haven’t seen the movie yet, it’s all there.)

Early in the movie Matrix Resurrection Reproduces the famous set piece of the original Matrix movie, where Neo presents the existential option of swallowing red or blue pills.Taking red will awaken him to reality and remove him from the comfort that exists there. matrixTaking the blue, he sleeps obediently while living a comfortable virtual life, even if imagined. Red represents the awakening to humanity, and blue represents the continued denial of it. Again, Neo chooses reality.

When Neo wakes up from sleep, he returns to the life-threatening pod and finds himself in the dark red light. When he looks into the edge of a vast energy harvester, all pods, including the one containing Trinity, have similar shades. Together, they form a tower with red spots where human energy is cultivated and absorbed.

When Neo is released and becomes a passenger on the Bug ship, Mnemosyne, Red spots are scattered in the internal structure, which can be understood by considering the role of the vehicle in the defense and activation of humankind.The same decorative metaphor can be seen in the Synthients who make friends with humans, one of which is Neo from the pod. Mnemosyne..

When Niobium explains the consequences of settling in Neo, she chooses red strawberries to reinforce the organic side of our humanity. Wachowski could choose fruits of all colors, such as grapes, bananas, apples and oranges, but chose the one that closely matched the red color as the main sign of humanity.

The use of red continues throughout the film. Between the scene where Bug and Sati try to rescue Trinity, the red-blue dichotomy introduced in the red pill / blue pill choice reappears. Standing next to the pod, Bug and Sati are covered in red, and Trinity still lives spiritually in The Matrix and looks cold blue.

of Full spectrum: how color science has made us modern, Adam Rogers, in defining how we see ourselves, and how we interpret and interact with our surroundings, how the central color is. I will explain if it is. He argues that his relationship with color as a signifiant has inspired humanity towards greater scientific development and modernity. Color is central to our existence. Not only that, it has become a tool for how we see ourselves.Use of red in Matrix Resurrections A perfect example.

Words: Bryce.

“The way color science has made us modern” to unleash humanity in “The Matrix Resurrections”. – Science Inquirer “The way color science has made us modern” to unleash humanity in “The Matrix Resurrections”. – Science Inquirer

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