The White House calls after Nicki Minaj has been vaccinated with COVID

Thursday, September 16, 2021 (HealthDay News)

The White House tells rapper Nicki Minaj COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) vaccinationSaid she caused Swelling of the testicles To a friend of Trinidad’s cousin.

White House officials said Minage was offered a phone call with a doctor to address her question. vaccination, Various outlets have reported after her message spread on Twitter by word of mouth.

Minage said On twitter She was actually invited to the White House, but the Biden administration said she was simply offered a phone call.

“Like everyone else, I called Nicki Minaj and one of my doctors to answer questions about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine,” a White House official said. CBS News..

Minage claims she was invited to visit directly. In an Instagram video posted Wednesday night, Minage said:

Minage faces a global backlash after telling more than 22 million Twitter followers to skip the September 13 Met Gala in New York City because participants needed to be vaccinated. bottom.

“If I get vaccinated, that doesn’t apply to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. If I feel I’ve done enough research, it will,” she tweeted Monday. “I’m working on it now.”

Minage then said, “Trinidad’s cousin can’t be vaccinated because his friend was vaccinated and helpless. His testicles were swollen. His friend was a few weeks away from marriage, so the girl The wedding has been cancelled. “

Health Minister Terrence Dejarsin of Trinidad and Tobago said at a press conference Wednesday that no one in Trinidad could confirm the story of Minage.

“Currently, no such side effects or adverse events have been reported. Swollen testicle In Trinidad, or I dare say … we don’t know anywhere else in the world, “said Deyalsingh. CBS..

False rumors about COVID vaccination Cause infertility Or reproductive problems have been working around social media for months, encouraging vaccine hesitation among young adults who want to start a family.

Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, said in February that he was “frankly worried” about these groundlessness. infertility rumor.

“There is a story on the internet about how vaccination leads. infertility“Collins said Washington post.. “It’s definitely not, but when you look at those who are hesitant, they are often women of childbearing age.”

Minage himself said he was likely to be vaccinated on Monday and also investigated which vaccine to recommend to Twitter followers.

“In many countries, ppl can’t work without a vaccine. It’s a good idea to get a vaccine. You need to feed your family,” Minage tweeted. “I have to go on tours, so I think I can get vaccinated.”

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Prevention Have more about COVID vaccine..

source: CBS News; Washington post

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