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The White House shifts to rewriting major environmental laws in the Trump era

President Joe BidenWhite House moved to reverse the Trump administration on Wednesday Myopic, Industry friendly overhaul Of the National Environmental Policy Act, which is one of the basic environmental laws of the United States

NEPA is a 50-year-old law that protects air, water, and land by requiring federal agencies to carry out detailed environmental assessments of major infrastructure projects. 2020, Trump administration changed How the federal government implements legislation to expedite energy projects and other developments, limits public opinion on such projects, and climate change when federal agencies consider them. How to make it negligible.

Wednesday’s White House Council on Environmental Quality requires government agencies to consider all the environmental impacts of the proposed project and overhauls the Trump era, including providing flexibility to work with the community. Prior to the announcement of steps to restore regulations that had been in place for decades, consider alternatives to minimize harm.

“The basic community safeguards we propose to restore ensure that American infrastructure is built correctly first, and bring real benefits to people living nearby, not harm. “It helps,” CEQ Chair Brenda Mallory said in a statement. “Filling these holes in the environmental review process helps reduce disputes and proceedings and eliminate some of the uncertainties caused by the rules of the previous administration.”

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President Joe Biden will talk about the bipartisan infrastructure bill and his buildback better agenda at a training facility of the International Federation of Operating Engineers in Howell, Michigan, on October 5.

The Trump era change was the first major update of the law over 40 years.The Trump administration presented it as the long-deferred “modernization” needed to speed up the permit, but critics saw it as: A clear attack on environmental justice It mainly benefited the polluted industry. The NEPA review process has long been a major force for pipelines, power plants, airports, communities to challenge highways, and often low-income and colored communities that pose potential risks to the environment and public health. It was a good means.

Biden’s White House said the rules proposed on Wednesday were “Phase 1” of a broader effort to strengthen environmental law.

House Natural Resources Commissioner Raul M. Griharba, Democratic Party, said Wednesday’s announcement: “A welcome first step in prioritizing public health needs and American lives over the interests of corporate pollutants. I praised it.

“Today’s move begins the process of restoring environmental protection, which stood for decades before the Trump administration,” he said in a statement. “Restoring these protections improves public input opportunities under NEPA and is already overloaded by communities from polluted air and water, especially the cumulative effects of multiple sources of pollution. This is a necessary first step towards stronger NEPA protection needed for better protection. “

The White House shifts to rewriting major environmental laws in the Trump era The White House shifts to rewriting major environmental laws in the Trump era

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