The Windows Xbox app makes it easy to determine if your game works well on your PC.

Microsoft is rolling out new features to the Xbox app on Windows. This makes it easy to determine if the game will run successfully on your PC.

This information is provided by a label with the words “It should work fine on this PC” under the blue install button on the game store front page. This feature is limited to some games and is still under development. To see for yourself, download the Xbox Insider Hub app and agree to receive a preview version of the Xbox App Store.

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When defining a game to play a “great” game on a PC, which benchmark Microsoft is using, or whether there is a layer between the other end of “great” and “not working at all” I’m not sure. The game may run properly on a PC with certain specifications at a lower FPS. Also, it is unclear whether Microsoft will include such information in the “How to run this game” tag. A quick look at the preview version shows that the game is currently tagged with “Great Play” or not at all. To understand more about how this new feature works, you have to wait until Microsoft gives the details.

All games in the Xbox app store already include minimum specifications and recommendations, so it’s still a reliable and reliable way to estimate how your game will run on your PC.

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