The Witcher 3 resigns and denies allegations of bullying

The witcher 3 Director Konrad Tomaszkiewicz has resigned from CD Projekt as a result of an investigation into allegations of bullying in the workplace.

Tomaszkiewicz’s resignation was despite investigating that he was not guilty of bullying at work (or bullying as it is called in Polish) and denying himself the original claim.

According to Bloomberg, he admitted in his departure email that “many people feel fear, stress, and discomfort when working with me,” resulting from his tenure at CD Projekt. I apologize for “bad blood”.

Tomaszkiewicz started with CD Projekt in 2004 and eventually played a number of leadership roles as game director for CD Projekt’s longtime flagship game, The Witcher 3, and with the studio’s latest (and controversial) release. I did. Cyberpunk 2077..

CD Projekt had a problem with his departure Cyberpunk 2077Since its release, it has been plagued by bugs and performance issues. Tomaszkiewicz’s resignation comes from allegations filed against high-ranking developers in studios such as Riot Games and Ubisoft over the past few years that have raised awareness of workplace fraud from bullying to sexual harassment. Is also occurring.

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