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Please try to imagine. You are in the neon-lit bar of Cyberpunk 2077 and are ordering a retro-futuristic drink when the bartender says something that ignites your memory. It’s not words, but voices, their gravel-like tones, and the way Deadpan speaks. I’m familiar with it. Where have you heard of it? Then land: Geralt of Rivia! The bartender has the same voice as the witcher video game Gerald.And-no, it can’t be a coincidence-he’s called Jerry? !!

It was like a cameo opportunity that you can’t miss. Even Doug Cockle, the English voice of The Witcher game Gerald, supported it. “Absolutely!” He told me when we met a few years ago, and I wrote an article about him.

Doug Cockle when I met him in December 2016.

“I joked [CD Projekt Red] About bringing me as an Easter egg. I jokingly said, “You have to bring me as a bartender the player has to interact with for at least one quest. A bartender named Jerry with waiters, trisha, jenny and more. “

Unfortunately, as I knew today, it never panned out. Prior to the December 10th release of cyberpunk, I checked in to Cockle, but said he had never received a call from CD Projekt Red.

“Unfortunately, I’ve never been involved in cyberpunk,” he said. “Although mentioned long ago [CDPR] Didn’t bring me for anything. Actually, I’m a little sad!

“Well,” he added. “Maybe in the future …”

Perhaps under scrutiny to delay cyberpunk twice this year and mandate staff work in a six-day week, CDPR had more urgent concerns.

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Cockle has announced all three The Witcher games and their extended versions. This is a series of work over 10 years. His portrayal of Geralt of Rivia is synonymous with those who believe in its character to millions of people. Even actor Henry Cavill, who plays Gerald in the adaptation of Netflix’s The Witcher book, spoke openly about being inspired by Cockle’s performance. Cavill told GQ that he played The Witcher 3 twice and a half.

Despite his apparent fame, when I met him in December 2016, Cockle was relatively hidden and worked as an acting course leader at Bournemouth University on the south coast of England. After that, he quit his full-time acting role, but returned to college and enrolled in an MBA program.

After The Witcher 3, Cockle spoke to Horizon: Zero Dawn. Recently, he voiced Blair Witch video games and a cheerful and bad (but not his fault) Terminator: Resistance. He is also busy producing and writing a children’s television show about dogs called Dog Years, which was just released on Kidoodle.


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