The Witcher Henry Cavill was injured in a second season shoot • .net

“It wasn’t bad enough to require an ambulance, but he couldn’t walk properly, ruining his shooting schedule.”

Henry Cavill was reportedly injured on The Witcher’s set.

Sun reported that Cavill was advised to rest after being injured on an attack course “including a swing axis” that was “tree height 20 feet and a safety belt” at Arborfield Studios where the show was filmed. I am.

“The shoot was struck because of what happened to Henry. He was in the assault course and injured his leg,” a source told Sun. “He was suddenly pulled up and was clearly in a lot of pain. It wasn’t clear if the object hit his leg or if it was some kind of hamstring or muscle damage.

“It wasn’t bad enough to require an ambulance, but he couldn’t walk properly, ruining the shooting schedule,” the sources added. “He will have to wear heavy armor in the scene and he will not be able to do it due to a leg injury.”

This is the latest setback to the long-standing problem that has plagued shooting in the second season. Netflix was forced to shut down production again last month following the COVID-19 outbreak at the show. This follows a similar situation in March, when filming stopped when Christopher Hivju tested positive shortly before the UK was completely blocked. Eventually production resumed in August.

ICYMI, Lauren Hisrich, and The Witcher Netflix series showrunners recently announced a new six-part series called The Witcher: Blood Origins. It’s the story of the first part, set 1200 years before Gerald and the events we’re familiar with, showing the origins of The Witcher and how they’ve become. Hisrich confirmed that The Witcher creator Andrey Sapkovsky was involved in the reaction of “Jesus of Hell.”

Netflix’s The Witcher series has also recently been forced to recast key characters after a continuous delay due to a coronavirus pandemic. Shooting for the second season started on schedule at the beginning of the year, but COVID-19 suddenly stopped shooting, and due to subsequent rescheduling plans, Thue Ersted Rasmussen, who was supposed to play Esquel, could not proceed. ..


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