The Witcher: On the first day of The Witcher, ask fans to vote for an S1 cut or surprise

Witcher fans were asked to choose between two “gifts” on the first day of The Witcher.
The Witcher’s official Twitter account We posted a new vote prior to the Witchmas celebration, which is scheduled to take place from December 16th to December 21st. The tweet provided fans with the opportunity to vote for the “cut from The Witcher S1” or the first “law of surprise”, and the winner’s choices will be revealed tomorrow along with the next gift offer and vote. ..

“I’ve taught you the rules, so let’s listen to the cheers! The first day of the witch has arrived!” The tweet was declared.

The account warned participants to choose rewards wisely and presented a map of the continent to track the progress of the campaign. An interactive map can be found on Netflix’s official website at The Witcher. Here, all “6 Days of Witchmas” are marked before the drop of content that would be added in connection with the results of the daily voting.

Original story: The Witcher fans were invited to Netflix’s “6 Days of Witchmas” campaign. This campaign will show you the most requested content released daily on social media.

The witch festival was announced at The Witcher’s official Twitter account, A tweet thread reveals details of a holiday-themed event starting December 16th and ending December 21st. During this period, fans would vote daily to receive a “gift”, or the “law of surprise” was the winning choice revealed the next day with the next gift and vote.

“I won these gifts by extensively searching for the’content’that you frequently request from me,” the Witcher tweet explained. “You may choose to receive the gift, or you may choose to call the law of surprise. The decisions are made as a group based on the votes cast here. Win Your choice will be revealed the next day-along with a new offering and another vote. ““Choose wisely,” warned another tweet. “My gift offer is sincere, but the law of surprise is beyond my musical talent.”

Season 2 of The Witcher began filming in London earlier this year and is scheduled for release in 2021. However, Netflix is ​​a coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Netflix then resumed production at a Henry Cavill-led show in August, after being given a “green light” to start shooting again.

The Witcher fans, especially after a previous social media drop revealed an exclusive photo of Cavill’s Geralt of Rivia in all-new armor, Anya Sharotra’s tied-up bloody Yennefer, Freya: You’ll want to see more of the Season 2 surprise during The Witcher’s celebration. According to the slideshow below, Allan’s Ciri seemed almost ready to start training at Kaer Morhen.

Netflix The Witcher: Season 2 Photos

Before the witcher feast begins, take a look at all the clues about The Witcher Season 2 so far, or take a look at Netflix’s behind-the-scenes special, The Witcher and Look Inside, to dive into the extraordinary world of the hit fantasy series. Please. Watch the episode and find out why we think Netflix is ​​really the best place to adapt to video games.

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