The Witcher Season 2: New trailers and footage show details of Besemiru and the true grain Nibelen

Netflix has released a new trailer for Season 2 of The Witcher and two new clips as part of Saturday’s Tudum fan event. The preview billed as a franchise trailer also includes a review of Season 1.

The second season trailer gives you a better glimpse of Kim Bodnia’s Vesemir in Keralmoren and Yennefer in Gerald, Siri and Wengerberg.

A new scene was also shared showing the adaptation of The Witcher’s true grain short story Netflix, which will be the majority of the coming season. Among them, I see Christopher Hivju of Game of Thrones as Niberen most often.

In the second scene, Ciri was awakened because the house where Gerald was staying also appeared to contain a terrifying type of vampire, Bruxa.

The final trailer for The Witcher was offered as part of The WitcherCon and showed off Ciri and Geralt training at Kaer Morhen in the winter. Since then, we have learned that the second season begins with the adaptation of the short story A Grain of Truth. This will be the first of eight episodes.

Be sure to check the breakdown of Besemiru, the character of The Witcher Season 2.

In other news, The Witcher showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hisrich has signed a new overall deal with Netflix to create a new show in parallel with The Witcher’s duties.

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