The Witcher Season 3 confirmed with more spin-offs

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screenshot: CD Projekt Red / Kotaku

Netflix continues to grow The witcher It has become a huge franchise and today we announced that the main show will be starring. Henry Cavill Is in its third season, but has also released a second anime movie. Oddly enough, it’s a spin-off for kids and families as well.The streaming giant has also released some new footage The witchers Second season.

Next season The witcher The show first premiered in December 2019, so we’ve been waiting a lot for gloomy fans. Monster Hunter Gerald..But check while you wait for the new season These new clips Then Netflix showed During today Tudam, That big online fan event.

The new season hasn’t hit Netflix yet, but today the company also announced that it has already renewed its popular show into the third season. Think about how long it took to reach this season. The witcher It will be a hit around 2045.

New cast members this season Includes Simon Callow, Adjoa Ando, ​​Graham McTavish, Cassie Clare, Chris Fulton and more. All of these will meet on December 17th. The witcher Return value.

Following the success of Netflix’s first anime prequel The witcher— —Wolf nightmare— Streamer confirms a rapidly expanding new anime movie set The witcher-Poetry is under development. Details about the plot were not shared.

Today’s most bizarre and unexpected announcement is the new “Children and family“Series set The witcher The world was also planned. I have many questions. Will it be a fun and animated adventure with talking animals and music sections? Wait, I’ll actually be watching it. Besides, I’m always obsessed with the strange phenomenon of “mature movies / shows-gets-kid-focused-spin-off”. Something like anime Robocop series..

Oh, and finally, Netflix showed off some new behind-the-scenes footage of yet another The Witcher prequel series, which is a live-action film. This new show —Witch: Origin of Blood—It’s set far beyond the events seen in the first part of the anime that debuted last month.

If you are a fan The witcher, You seem to have years of content to get excited. Perhaps too much new content? Maybe. But can we really get enough groaning Gerald? (Again … maybe.)

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