The Witcher star Henry Cavill suffered minor injuries on the set in the “Swing Axis” scene

Our big and sweet PC-building boy, Henry Cavill, was injured on the set and was forced to take a break from shooting Netflix’s The Witcher Season 2. Apparently, the actor who plays Gerald’s protagonist hurt his leg while filming the “waving ax” scene.

As The Sun reported, the cavill was about 20 feet above the ground and was secured in a safety belt during the filming of the “training ground” when he hurt his leg. According to Sun sources, Cavill was “suddenly pulled up and apparently in a lot of pain,” but the cause of the injury was not immediately apparent.

Cavill wasn’t hospitalized, but sources said he couldn’t walk properly at this time, so the injury was serious enough to postpone the Witcher shooting schedule for a few days. Fight Nilfgardian soldiers and corrupters. Sun’s report did not indicate how long Cavill would finish his mission, but Deadline reports that filming will continue while he recovers.

Witcher Season 2 had already had to suspend production due to the outbreak of COVID-19 on the set, but Cavill shared one of Gerald’s looks on his Instagram account the following season of the show.

The show is based on Andrey Sapkovsky’s series of fantasy novels, which also influenced some of the greatest RPG games of all time. Hope Cavill recovers quickly-or perhaps know a nice werewolf decoction recipe.

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