The World Ends with You is finally back with a sequel to PS4 and Switch

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The 2008 cult classic “The World Ends with You” has received the long-awaited follow-up, boasting a battle against a new 3D environment.

After many years of teasing, fans of the Japanese role-playing game The World Ends with You are officially looking forward to the sequel.

Titled “The World Ends with You” (probably because “The World Ends with You” was so obvious), fans were forced to return to the stylish setting of Shibuya in the real world and take part in the Shinigami game. You can meet the cast of new characters.

In the games released on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, the sequel will feature a complete 3D environment, and the battle will take place in a 3D plane instead of a 2D plane.

Square Enix doesn’t go into too much detail, but the combat system is relatively similar to the original, and it seems that party members are working together to use pins to perform different abilities.

You can also see Minamimoto, one of the adversaries of the first game, participating in the battle, this time seemingly confirming that he will be a party member.

The original game, first released for the Nintendo DS in 2008, had its own mechanism of fighting on both screens, then ported to mobile devices in 2012 and to Switch in 2018. It was.

Apart from that, some of the cast cameo appeared in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance in 2012. This is partly because Tetsuya Nomura, the director of Kingdom Hearts, worked on “The World Ends with You” as a character designer.

Between the interest-activating switchport and the adaptation of the anime to air next year, all the signs were directed to the sequel that will be announced sooner or later – and now it’s here.

NEO: “The World Ends with You” will be released for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in the summer of 2021.

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The World Ends With You finally returns with PS4 and Switch sequel

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