The world of Japan’s Super Nintendo looks great and certainly looks, but it’s a bit small

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Yes, we can probably agree that the upcoming Super Nintendo World looks incredible. Among them Wow, But on the outside, it looks a little smaller.

This is what we have heard before.When Bloomberg Forest Kurumi checks out the park Press preview At the end of last month she said, “I would like to point out that the Super Nintendo World looked a bit small. How do they handle the crowd in a pandemic?”

The new Mario-themed park is behind the Joe’s Attraction and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and was once a parking lot. To Recent aerial footage (here And here), You can see the comparison with the Harry Potter area, especially Hogsmead Recreation, It’s full of shops. (Also you can Compare it with World of water Theater on the upper right.. )

As well as the size of the new area, the Super Nintendo World looks like it’s packed into the gills..

Super Nintendo World is scheduled to open in Osaka on February 4, and covid-19 cases are increasing.

Recently on 2chNet users, Japan’s largest bulletin board, also note that the new Mario-themed park looks small. Below is the online reaction:

“It’s all packed there.”

“Will the coronavirus be cultivated here?”

“Maybe it’s a prison?”

“I’ll probably get bored of this after an hour.”

“To be honest, it’s hard to understand unless you’re walking in the park.”

“Not enough space!”

“Looking at the size of the car, there should be plenty of space.”

“I think it will be full of old people who like Nintendo.”

“You wouldn’t be surprised if the size doubled in a few years.”

“There is less space than the Harry Potter area.”

“It looks like a prison.”

“But if you go by car size, it seems it might be small.”

“Donkey Kong area Will be added.. “

“It would be more beneficial to create a Pokemon area.”

“It would have been better to make the Super Nintendo World an independent theme park.”

“Correct answer: There is not much space.”

“No, no. This is good. It’s aimed at young visitors, so it would be fun to take a family.”

As a person who attended Universal Studios Japan since 2001 and saw the park getting bigger and biggerYes, it looks small now, but it will definitely grow and continue to prosper. However, given the size of the region and the pandemic, the February launch seems to be a concern.

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