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Up to 4,000 cars are washed every day, and the world’s largest car wash is always busy. In Stuttgart, Germany, Mr. Wash is the world’s largest car wash machine, with more than 100 employees working to keep German cars clean. Mr. Wash is not a car wash at your average gas station, but hires a skilled professional along with the finest equipment to give your car the best possible car wash.

Many car enthusiasts may ridicule the idea of ​​driving their precious property to a car wash on an assembly line, but the level of attention and attention to detail presented by this large car wash is Enough to attract thousands of customers every day. Like many other car washes, the goal is to sell customers to buy the best care package for their car, and Wash is the limit. Customers can choose a hand waxing service after performing a basic cleaning or choosing complete interior details.

To keep it so big car wash It requires a large industrial infrastructure to run. The pump is used to increase the water pressure from tap water along with the reclaimed water collected in the previous wash. The water used to clean the car passes through the on-site water treatment plant and is stored for future cleaning. This can reduce water charges and at the same time reduce the outflow of unwanted chemicals.

When performing a car wash on this scale Washing soap And the energy rises to record highs. Running the heating and drying system alone uses 6,000 kWh per day, or enough energy to run an average of two households a year.

A car wash may look like a simple collection of hoses and automatic brushes, but as you can see in this documentary, running this impressive facility requires a lot of work.

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The world’s largest car wash is a master class of efficiency The world’s largest car wash is a master class of efficiency

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