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The world’s top smartphone market has a new number one brand

2019, usa Huawei It is in the entity list. why? The Trump administration saw Huawei as a threat to US national security because of suspected relations with the Chinese Communist Party government. Some have pointed out that Huawei has recently surpassed Apple As the second largest smartphone maker in the world, I wondered if it had anything to do with US behavior. In a sense, those who argue that putting Huawei on the entity list could have backfired as it banned the company from the U.S. supply chain and those companies made $ 18 billion with Huawei the previous year. There may be.

Huawei has been replaced by China’s top smartphone brand

The Trump administration may have thought it had sunk Huawei’s battleship by forcing it to replace the Google-licensed version of Android with an open source version. However, early last year, Huawei actually temporarily took the top spot and became the world’s largest smartphone maker for a month. This forced the Trump administration to take the next step. The Commerce Department has tightened export regulations and banned foundries from cutting-edge Chips manufactured by Huawei without a license using American technology.

Announced just a year ago as an entity list placement, this was a straw that broke the camel’s back. Huawei, the second-largest customer of contract foundry TSMC (after Apple) at the time, was unable to receive a chip to power its flagship phone. And TSMC was just beginning to develop Huawei’s most technologically advanced 5nm chip, the Kirin 9000. Its components have been assigned to the sequel to Huawei’s clamshell mobile phone and the latest version of its flagship mobile phone. As far as the Trump administration is concerned, the ban on shipping chips was a Grand Slam if it could have failed to be listed on the entity list.With this move, Huawei honor $ 15 billion sub-brand. This is a clever move by a Chinese manufacturer, as it took Honor out of Huawei’s orbit and prevented US regulations from affecting it.
Counterpoint estimates that Oppo accounted for 21% of China’s smartphone market in January, with Vivo’s 20% share second. Huawei, Apple and Xiaomi are in log jams at 16%. Varun Mishra, senior analyst at Counterpoint Research, explained how Oppo jumped to the top in China. “Oppo succeeded in relocating its product line in 2020,” Mishra said. “Brand change Reno Launching higher-performance devices at a lower price than the series and its predecessors helped Oppo win an affordable premium segment. The strong momentum of the A-series in the mid-segment has strengthened Oppo’s product portfolio and was able to meet China’s 5G demand in a wide range of prices. This was further helped by Huawei’s decline. “

The scary part of Huawei is that the US ban will soon run out of stock of 5G components. Given that more than 65% of devices sold in China in the fourth quarter of 2020 supported 5G, Huawei faces some serious problems going forward. The company is trying to stay optimistic, with its self-developed HarmonyOS making its smartphone debut with the Mate X2. However, at least for the time being, the true mood of the company may be described as dark. “It was a very difficult struggle,” said Tom Purdy, Chief Security Officer at Huawei USA. But because we take a very long-term approach, which products are most important and which components are used. It helps to prioritize what you are doing. ” Purdy says he wants Huawei to eventually be able to work with Google again. And as far as that goes, it’s up to President Joe Biden to remove Huawei’s restrictions.

The world’s top smartphone market has a new number one brand The world’s top smartphone market has a new number one brand

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