The world’s ultimate esports player revealed in new research

Becoming a professional esports player, regardless of public perception, is by no means an easy task. In reality, esports is the fastest growing segment of the sports world as a whole, and revenue is skyrocketing.

The global epidemic has increased the desire for professional games, and millions of people are gathering to see the world’s best players. In terms of revenue, esports is expected to reach US $ 1.6 billion by 2023.

SlotsUp’s new study reveals the “ultimate” professional esports gamer, taking into account several factors, including the presence of social media, revenue, and the number of official tournaments won *.

Here are the top 5 ultimate esports players in 2020:

1. Yesper Vexel

Jesper Wecksell .jpg

Player ID: JW

Revenue: £ 855,461

Winning tournament: 163

Next Social Media: 634,392

Recognized as JW, Jesper Wecksell topped the list as the ultimate esports player in 2020, based on revenues of £ 855,461, 163 tournament wins, and social media following 634,392.

JW is currently one of the most powerful Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Players in the game scene. He started a competitive game in 2013 and was competing in international competitions by 2014.

2. Clement Ivanov

Player ID: Puppy

Revenue: £ 2,859,074

Winning tournament: 130

Next Social Media: 372,458

With over £ 2m in revenue and commonly known as Puppy, Clement Ivanov ranked second in the Ultimate Esports Index. Estonian professional Dota 2 players have won a staggering 130 tournaments and won a $ 1 million international victory in 2011.

3. Håvard Nygaard

Player ID: Rain

Revenue: £ 761,550

Winning tournament: 116

Next Social Media: 501,862

Well known as Rain, Håvard Nygaard is a global offensive player of Norwegian professional Counter-Strike: Team FaZe Clan. Harvard ranked third in the Ultimate Esports Index based on £ 761,550 in revenue, 116 tournament wins and 501,862 social media followers.

4. Daniel Istin

Player ID: Dendy

Revenue: £ 806,571

Winning tournament: 112

Next Social Media: 1,216,524

Ukrainian professional Dota 2 player Danil Ishutin has a huge social media presence with over 1 million followers. Well-known as Dendi, Danil is the fourth ultimate esports gamer in 2020, thanks to its huge success both on-screen and off-screen.

In 2018, Dendi left Team Na’Vi and in 2020 founded its own Dota 2 organization. It is known as the B8 after earning an astonishing £ 806,571.

5. Luka Perkovic

Player ID: G2 Perkz

Revenue: £ 471,280

Winning tournament: 27

Next Social Media: 803,157

With over 800,000 followers on social media, Croatian League of Legends player Luca Perkovic ranked fifth in the Ultimate Esports Index. Widely known for his Perkz player ID, which signed to G2 eSports in June 2015, Luka won a total of eight LEC championships and became extremely popular with viewers.

Perkz is currently playing for Midlander for Cloud 9, one of the world’s most renowned esports organizations.

* The Ultimate Esports Index takes a seed list based on the top 50 revenue teams in 2020 and uses a variety of factors to determine who will be the top when all these factors are considered.

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The World’s Ultimate Esports Players Revealed in New Study

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