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“His feet [are] Slower than rush hour traffic. Really slow legs … When I see him on tape, he’s wrestling with a fast defender. Everyone is in their pockets and chasing him … So his NBA comparison is Hedo Turkolu. “

“That’s my takeaway. He doesn’t pop athletic.”

“That is, he’s better than Ricky Rubio, but it doesn’t look special to me.”

“Doncic is 6-7 and will be exposed to all the deficiencies that Dark had. Dark is not a great athlete. Dark is not explosive. Dark is not physical. That happens to Doncic. I’m not saying that Luka is igniting the NBA world. I don’t know if he will be the NBA’s dominant player. “

“Athletic ability, that’s a problem. Lack of athletic ability.”

“I think Luke should go to a good team. I don’t think he won the lottery. No, I don’t think he’s right outside the lottery.”

“I don’t care what this kid in Europe looked like.”

“We tend to make European basketball overly sensational there. [are] Limits to meet him. You can’t have nine Americans on the European floor. There is a 95% chance that the NBA has nine breeding Americans on the floor. That changes the dynamics of the game. ”

— —

These weren’t random on Twitter, they intentionally threw hot takes for retweets and followers. These are ESPN and FS1 talk show hoop analysts (rethinking, they can spit out ridiculous hot takes for the same reasons as Twitter’s random), thinking about Luka Doncic’s potential leading up to the 2018 NBA Draft. I will. We are not here to judge or air any of them, so please do not intentionally name them. But you’ve probably already seen some of these clips on your own social feeds and YouTube. Even Damian Lillard tweeted an 80-second video edit containing some of these exact sound bites the morning after the Mavericks star dropped a monster in a triple-double during the playoffs last summer. .. Dame’s caption was just “laughs”. This is a complete summary of everything in the future.

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Doncic was active abroad, became a professional at the age of 13 (he left Slovenia and moved to Spain to play for Real Madrid, his mother did not join him until three years later), Liga ACB , EuroLeague, 19-year-old EuroLeague Final Four. The praise actually made him the youngest MVP in EuroLeague history.

However, many fans in the United States (and the media at first glance) became increasingly skeptical of the highly advertised international outlook after many did not live up to expectations when they arrived at the association. .. Again, for the sake of consistency, do not name it. There is an Eastern European guy who was very high drafted in the 2003 NBA Draft by a team that just played at the Eastern Conference Finals a month ago. Or the other guys in the previous draft class also got really high, but couldn’t get it to work in Mile High City. Or, even three years earlier, when Knicks drafted a teenage player, he didn’t end up seeing a minute of action in the league. There are many online posts that try to rank which international players are most disappointed.

Hey, it’s the NBA. Even if it’s easy, it’s not easy for everyone. There’s a reason the average NBA career is only four years. It doesn’t diminish as Hooper for anyone who couldn’t take off at the association. Luck, timing, adaptation, politics-in any case, it doesn’t work any more often. Don’t worry about the complexity of scouts and the challenges of assessing players competing in leagues of different talent levels.

Nevertheless, it happened. And continue. When they finally get there, the prospects they can’t miss will miss. And many of those who have been overlooked, unemployed, and neglected on social media (and television) will be annoyed.

It didn’t take long for the exact same TV analyst to change the tone about Luka. It’s literally just a few games of his career. And now, in just two seasons, 6-7 Slovenian guards have accumulated a tremendous amount of shattered records. Forget the two games that correspond to the regular season, including records such as surpassing Michael Jordan in the most consecutive 20-5-5 performances since the ABA / NBA merger. The first playoff series of his career alone is enough to justify everything. Listen to him The 6-game series for the LA Clippers has solved a long-standing question.

Luka Doncic

Game 1: 42 points-Most points of the playoff debut in NBA history. Since 21-year-old LeBron James, he has dropped over 40 in playoff games. This is generally the fourth player (following Magic Johnson and Tracy). McGrady and James).

Game 2: 28 points, 8 rebounds, 7 assists-Most of the player’s points (70) in the first two career playoff games in NBA history.

Game 3: The Mavericks first-ever playoff triple-double player, the third-youngest NBA player to record a triple-double in the playoffs, following Magic and Lebron.

Game 4: A huge number of records. The Mavs PR Twitter needed to create a Twitter thread just to be able to list them all. And still, there were others they missed. Members of the media quickly incorporated additional data.

His 43-point, 17-rebound, 13-assist statline included a buzzer beater that tied the series 2-2, making him the youngest player to record a 40-point triple-double in the playoffs. The youngest player to hit the playoff buzzer beater, the only player to finish the game with 43 points or more, 17 or more rebounds and 13 or more assists, excluding Wilt Chamberlain, and 40 pieces except Jordan. The only player. The second 21-year-old, third player to record a third 40-15-10 performance in the playoffs and a 30-point triple-double in the playoffs, following Oscar Robertson and Charles Barkley in the subsequent buzzer beater. By the age of 21, he had won multiple playoff triple-doubles after Magic and Lebron. The list keeps growing, but you’ve earned points.

The Mavericks continued to lose in six games, but they were still able to escape as true winners of the grand plan of things. In front of the whole world, they confirmed that they had one.

In the aftermath of Game 4 and in the weeks that followed, players throughout the league responded to Luka’s insane performance. The props were given by the biggest names around.

Even before Luka played a single game in the NBA, back-to-back MVP Janis Adetokumpo saw all of this coming a mile away. Greek freaks in the summer of 2018 MarukaA local newspaper in Madrid has shown that he is better than anyone else in assessing Luka’s NBA potential as an international player.

“He is the most exciting player in basketball in recent years. Last year in Europe he won all the tournaments he played. EuroBasket, EuroLeague, Liga Endesa. He was the MVP of the final four EuroLeague.” Antetokunpo said. “He not only showed that he was ready to play, but he matured faster than others. As Charles Barkley said, he has played against pros. Other newcomers I played against a boy student.

“People in the United States may forget that they are playing much better and very hard in the EuroLeague than the NCAA. You have to be very good to stand out in the Euroleague, And so is Luka. Doncic has a lot of talent. He has a great first year, and if not in the second, he will explode in the third. “

After all, the explosion may have happened in the second year. Of course, unless it was the explosion Jannis was talking about. You may be trying to witness another level available to Luke. At +400 according to the Caesars Sportsbook, it’s worth noting that as of mid-December, he’s a betting favorite for winning MVPs. Defensive MVP Janice is right behind him at +450.

Janice isn’t the only one who appreciates the former Real Madrid star. King himself while appearing in Uninterrupted Road trippin In early December, at some point he announced that he intended to start a subset of his brand around Luka.

“I wanted to start Team LeBron and have Luka as the first signature with Nike,” LeBron said. “I don’t even know if Luke knows this, but he will know it now. I will be Team LeBron’s first signature when Luke is experiencing his situation. I wanted … that’s how much I believed in him. “

In July, Paul Pierce went to the point of suggesting that the crown had already passed.

Luka Doncic

“You talk about a kid who has made one of the biggest leap in recent memory from the Rookie of the Year to an MVP caliber player,” said the Celtics legend. “He won every European Championship you can think of, every European MVP you can think of. So I expect this kid to be special. Obviously, he Is special. He is talented. To me, he is the most talented player in the NBA today. Wright is never too bright for him. “

Since the amount of individual records he was able to set and break is so large, his Wikipedia page has its own “Achievements” section, where people detail where his performance has reached. You have created a list of 43 different bullets shown in. He in the history book. 43. In 2 years.

“I’m just confident. I’m confident because I know my teammates and team are confident. [in] I and I love taking those shots. I get motivated. Luka told Rachel Nichols in a sit-in interview in 2019. When he sat down with her again in 2020, he added: “When I was 13, the pressure was in my life. I’m moving from Slovenia alone to Madrid. I live under pressure every day, so I don’t feel it anymore.”

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The worldwide rise of Luka Doncic to superstardom The worldwide rise of Luka Doncic to superstardom

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