The worst of Mario Kart revealed

Redex surveyed 2,000 British people and asked about Mario Kart’s tastes and habits.

Top characters of Mario Kart

Survey showed that Peach was almost as popular as Mario – There were only two votes between them. Baby Peach was also the most popular baby character overall, with twice as many votes as Baby Mario. Only one franchise character other than Mario appeared in the Top 10 (Villager). This may be related to the surge in animal crossing popularity in 2020.

Forty-two percent of players said that character speed is the most important factor in choosing them. 36% said the character’s cuteness was the most important factor, and 22% said the character’s ability to turn the corner was the most important. We value appearance as much as it does when driving...

Our favorite Mario Kart course

Overall, Rainbow Road is our favorite Mario Kart course. The Nintendo Wii iteration on this track is the most popular and has more searches overall than any other game.

Interestingly, 4 of the top 10 courses are from older games. Peach Beach and Delfino Square haven’t appeared since Mario Kart Wii (2008), but have beaten the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (2017) and Mario Kart Tour (2020) tracks. Nokonoko and Coconut Mall haven’t appeared since Mario Kart 7 (2011) for 3DS.

Our favorite Mario Kart game

  • Mario Kart DS outperforms the 3DS version of Mario Kart 7. This is consistent with the review as Metacritic gave it a higher score
  • The original game Super Mario Kart outperforms much more recent releases such as Mario Kart 7 and Mario Kart Double Dash.
  • The Mario Kart Wii is more popular than its successor, the Mario Kart 8.
  • However, the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Edition is still the most popular overall.

Our favorite / dislike Mario Kart items

Interestingly, the top three items are all some of the oldest in the Mario franchise, as they first appeared in Super Mario Bros. (1985). Mushrooms are our favorite item. Triple mushrooms are more convenient for players, but they prefer to use triple mushrooms. Players prefer items for nostalgia rather than effect.

No fake item boxes have appeared since Mario Kart Wii (2008), but they are in the top three. Bullet-Bill is one of our most hated items, but it’s also one of our favorites. Players like when an item is useful, but hate it when other players use it.

Our Mario Kart play habits

  • 40% of players said Off course was the one that bothered them most about playing Mario Kart... 25% hit the item second, and 18% lost the item.
  • Sixty-five percent of players said they wouldn’t let their partners win in Mario Kart, and another 65% said they would throw items at their partners to prevent them from winning.
  • One-quarter of players think they are skilled Mario Kart players, another quarter think they are poor, and the remaining 50% think they are average. .. British are generally pretty humble about Mario Kart skills
  • Twenty-five percent of players say they typically play Mario Kart for at least three hours at a time. However, an additional 75% of players said they expect to play more video games like Mario Kart this Christmas because of the coronavirus.
  • 70% of players say they are more likely to play video games late at night

The main angle here is that the player does whatever it takes to win, even if that means throwing an item at the partner. Playing games late at night for more than 3 hours also gives you a good opportunity to play unhealthy video game playing habits. We expect this to increase within this Christmas coronavirus limit.

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