The Xbox chief wants to meet the demand for first-party games on Steam

Microsoft has “built up customer expectations” that Xbox’s first-party games will be available on PC and on Steam. This is what Xbox Chief Phil Spencer says he wants to do as much as possible when talking to GameReactor, but timing and “small anomalies” can get in the way.

“There is this expectation from customers, as it is on PCs now. People have no doubts. There may be some timing when certain things happen, but if you are shipping a first party game It arrives at your PC, “says Spencer. “When we ship first-party games on our PC, it comes to Steam and our store. With the expectations of our customers.

“That’s my goal. Then, for a particular developer who wants to do a relationship or a particular thing, there’s almost no anomaly, but my goal is to keep this art form going as far as possible. To allow many people to play the game. Grow. “

Spencer also looks back over the past few years and admits that at some point the Xbox wasn’t doing enough to back up the stated commitment to the PC. But he believes things are getting better over time.

“If I rewound five years ago, I would say many times that we would get a lot of highlights after working on the PC, but of course we didn’t do much. I did, “he says. “But when we look at our position on Steam and Game Pass on PC, we see that our commitment is paying off.

“PC customers may like or dislike our work, but we know that when we ship things, we do our best not only on the Xbox but also on the PC. I am. “

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