The Xbox Twitter account actually responds to the reply “PS5 is better”

Is the PS5 better than the Xbox Series X? Now, according to the PlayStation fan militia, who flock to all tweets from the official Xbox Twitter account, “PS5 is better.” Whether this is true or not is another debate, but if you follow the official Xbox Twitter account, you’ll find that almost every time you’re flooded with this exact reply. Today, corporate Twitter accounts are devoted to this meme, trying to spread the olive branch to PlayStation fans who have overcome with negative sentiment towards the new Xbox Series X account. As you can imagine, tweets are rapidly spreading by word of mouth.

The tweet was snorted at 4 pm Eastern Standard Time. This suggests that it was a planned tweet. In other words, the person running the account wasn’t fraudulent, and it seems that this wasn’t a voluntary tweet, or at least the tweet didn’t check any of these boxes.

As for the tweet itself, “To those who replied,’PS5 is better’: The best console is a fun and playable console. Have fun!” That is the whole tweet.

In a “console war” environment, this tweet may seem completely out of the left field, but not especially on the Xbox, and it’s customary to play well not only on the PlayStation but also on Nintendo.

Unfortunately, PlayStation hasn’t participated in the good atmosphere yet, but Cory Barlog, director of God of War at Sony Santa Monica, did.

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