The XIII remake was received so poorly that the 2003 original actually sold better than last week (UK).

Remember last week I wasn’t sure about the XIII remake? Well, fans certainly have their opinion and have been trying to go buy the original game since 2003 beyond the disappointing new release.

The remake started on PS4 last week and upset fans of the original title, thanks to many gameplay issues and a complete art-style overhaul that strips the original identity. Publisher Microise apologized, but the team completely missed the point, as reported by a friend at Push Square.

Well, of Reed Pop Christopher Dring The original release in 2003 revealed that it actually sold more copies than last week’s remake in the UK. Obviously, the remake played a role in making gamers nostalgic for the original, but accidentally reverted to an older version because it couldn’t provide a meaningful reimagination.

I don’t remember this happening before, so it’s interesting to see if all of this will affect the later promised release of the switch.


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