The Young Superman anime series is “very real” and tells where the character is now.

After rumors about the animated Young Superman series spread through unlikely sources, former series stars Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum confirmed that it was under development and former. He said he would address the question of where the character is currently.

Welling talked to IGN to explain what happened when Smallville inserted a cameo video that could be returned in animated format. After all, he wasn’t joking when he asked the recipient to keep it secret: “I was honest at that moment, and I’m literally not telling anyone Please. ” And that person posted it 30 seconds later. “

Welling revealed that the project was “very realistic,” and Rosenbaum said, “This is what we are passionate about. What we love. At the right time. I’m definitely going to share it with Warner Bros. and hopefully I’ll be able to work with them, and that’s all we can say right now. “

When asked what story the series could tell, the stars were ambiguous, but revealed that there was plenty of room to continue naturally from the original series. “There are a lot of stories,” Rosenbaum explained. “Honestly, after the end of Smallville, people asked a lot of questions, and who says what happened a few years later? And where did these characters go? And they How did you come back? So there is always a story. A story that should always be told. “

Welling revealed that this is not the same timeline, but a story told past the end of the first run of Smallville. The current character? So literally that’s what we’re going to work on. “

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