There are artificial bubbles that surround the earth, which keeps radiation away

Huge bubbles of VLF radio frequencies, created entirely by human activity, not only surround the Earth, but also create a weather-like effect in space. According to NASA, bubbles were first detected in 2017 with very low results. -Frequency wireless communication. Often used for coded and long-distance messaging. For example, contacting a submarine in the deep sea. These frequencies are “leaky” into space, creating some sort of barrier around the Earth.

After all, this giant bubble prevents charged radioactive particles from entering the Earth’s atmosphere. Years of various nuclear explosions have created a band of radioactivity around the Earth, pushing this barrier even further than in the 1960s.“Many experiments and observations have shown that under the right conditions, radio communications signals in the VLF frequency range can actually affect the characteristics of the high-energy radiation environment around the Earth,” NASA said. According to MIT Haystuck Observatory, said.

In effect, the VLF frequency creates an artificial “space weather”. Unfortunately, according to a new article in Science Alert, this barrier does not solve the problem of radioactive particles damaging Earth’s moons.

NASA says tests are underway to see if VLF transmission can be used to remove the excess radiation that surrounds the Earth.

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The artificial barriers around Earth that fight radiation are not so surprising, as scientists are reversing time and discovering what a parallel universe is with signs of life on Venus. There may even be a Galactic Federation that does not yet contain humans. Seeing the cool human-made walls of the earth can change your mind!

Petey Oneto is an freelance writer.


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