There are many requests for genital customization options for Cyberpunk 2077

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Cyberpunk 2077 There is a dix. Cyberpunk 2077 I have a vagina (singular). You may already get the impression that these things are not created in the same way. This is a strange imbalance. Especially when you think about how other characters in the game will recognize you regardless of your choice.About this week’s episode Split screen, Bring a special guest, Kotaku Editor-at-large Riley MacLeod discusses Cyberpunk 2077And much more with the character creator.

We (with Ashley Parrish and Mike Fahey, of course) start the episode by assessing character creators from all angles in a new segment that Ash has named “That’s A Good-Looking Penis.” Because she is now as strong as she can. can not stop.Then I recorded the episode earlier this week, so only Riley and I had a copy cyber punk, We move to the Q & A segment about time in the game, answer questions about building the game world, and answer if we have encountered an equally good quest. The witcher 3“The Bloody Baron”. In the last segment, how cyberpunk games cyber punk And Watch Dogs Legion The presence of our own dystopia continues to outpace them, making it impossible to draw a credible picture of the future of dystopia, in-game concerns and threats, and the game tackling the actual problems of the day. It feels naive despite being (or not).

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Ash: My question to Riley and Nathan: Are they good looking penises?It talked a lot about the fact that you can customize your genitals Cyberpunk 2077, And I wanted to know what it was like.

Riley: Character Creator has several genital options. If I recall correctly, there are two penises: circumcised and uncircumcised. There are several size options. And there is one vagina, but it’s not terribly detailed. I’m really frustrated with the single vaginal option. I feel like I missed a chance.

Nathan: It also feels like a statement, at least unintentionally, about where CD Projekt’s priorities are. If other developers at least pretend to care about non-male fan bases cyber punk, CD Projekt was like, “Well, let’s put this absence here.” It’s not even the vagina really. It’s just a lack of penis.

Ash: So you have a number of customization options for the penis (maybe not many, but many), but do you only have the option of having or not having a vagina?

Nathan: Yes. It is in binary state.

Riley: I was really disappointed because I didn’t have a slider the size of a penis. As a trans-gender man who has been using hormones for nearly 20 years, different things come in different sizes, things happen, and what are you doing? So I was expecting a little more opportunity there than I got. That’s a shame to me, but I’m not surprised either. It was a digression about my genitals in case someone was interested.

Fahei: There are two penis options and one vaginal option, and I’m angry that they are the only options. No matter where you look, there are millions of penises and vagina around the world.

Ash: Are these real fleshy constructs or are there genital options? Can my choice of having only one vagina be like a neon blue metallic chrome vagina?

Nathan: No.

Ash: Can you confuse it?

Riley: You have fun pubic hair options. Shaving cleanly, a little messy. I think there are several shapes.

Nathan: A small heart is one of the options I remember.

Fahei: My idea here is that there may be more options. There may be scar options. There are circumcision and non-circumcision. How about “Oops, half circumcision” like crunch berry flavor? How many options do you need? Do you want scars? Do you want freckles? Do you want to resize your labia? Do you need an inflator?

Riley: That’s what I’m saying: if they’re going to do it that way, I want to have all the available options. Also, it doesn’t really look anyway, at least from what I saw in the game in about 40 hours.

Nathan: I actually saw one of them when a game glitch occurred and the character’s pants temporarily disappeared from the menu screen. Sometimes I looked in the mirror, and mysteriously half of the character’s costumes disappeared.

Riley: When I look in the mirror, my character’s hair always comes off. Sometimes he was just a bald eagle and I thought it was a game that offended me because I was a bald eagle, but I think it was just a glitch.

Nathan: With the character creator in mind, I wanted to combine some ideas. Riley, you’ve talked about who your character is, drinking, and that sort of thing. So how can the ability to create a character that looks and sounds specific can embody someone who wants to participate in a game like this?

Ash: Or are you limited due to lack of options or are you focusing on a particular option?

Riley: Yeah, yes, your character can look like you like, but it’s strictly included in what we traditionally consider to be male and female. Then you can use one of the various genital options. The letters of the pronoun are determined by your voice. That is, only men and women, or him and her.

Nathan: And for clarity, there are only two voices. There are no multiple voices for men and women. It’s only one or the other.

Riley: So, on the other hand, it’s really great.As i said In my article, My character traditionally has a male body and passes by “he”, but has a vagina, which is really cool to me. I am walking around as a transgender man.I haven’t written this article, but for some time I’ve been trying to make the character look like transgender Mass effect And stuff to see if I can do it. It was always a little strange. It came out that seemed almost incorrect. And of course, it raised all sorts of questions about what transgender looks like, and why I’m tinkering with these sliders-what do I think they look like?

So, like this, “He’s transgender. He’s there, like me.” He looks like me, but he has hair, is probably tall, cyberweapons, etc. Except for having it.

Nathan: Wait Riley, I thought you had cyber weapons. I thought that was one of the reasons we hired you.

Riley: Please.

So, like that, as I wrote, it doesn’t really come out-except for some sex scenes. In those scenes, as far as I know, it looks like you’re using your penis to have sex with someone or something. And there are all sorts of ways I can use strap-on, but it’s never revealed in the scene.

Nathan: I played a Sith female character and also had sex scenes with other women. It was like seeing a man and a woman having sex. As you say, strap-on may be involved, but it’s a bit weird.

Riley: That was also my experience and I thought it was aimed at creating only one animation. This is what I respect as a choice. But yeah, it’s pretty surface level. I feel complicated. It’s amazing that my character can be a transgender man. That rule. On the other hand, it’s not that important and it feels like the game is a by-product of what you want your body to do. It’s not a comprehensive decision and I think I can take or leave to some extent.

But it also raises the question to me, “What do you want the game from an expressive point of view?” It always feels weird to say this, but it’s not necessary. I watch the transformer body every day, so I’m not grateful to CD Projekt Red for giving me that option. I play a lot of games, so I had an interesting moment when I closed my eyes and saw it. You can see the interface. I was taking a shower, and you can take a shower in the game. So, in real life, I put my hand on the wall and looked down, like when the character was taking a shower in a game. “Well, my body now looks like this. The body I have in the game.”

I was wondering how the game’s transness would work as another exercise to explore body modification, transhumanism, and more. For me, I don’t think my own medical transition has anything to do with the future of technology. But about what your body looks like in the game, and how the game says these things in your body about science and technology, and on the other hand, what I always think about. Thoughtful In many cases, for people who are not me, I am transgender and my body looks strange. I mainly date Sith men, but it’s amazing to connect with men with vagina, just like Sith men.

But to me, I’m very used to it. Sometimes a Sith man forgets to have a penis. Because for me, “This is how my body looks. This is the genitals attached to my body.” So it’s cool to be able to be that normal in the game, but it’s actually It’s also like the frame of the body as something that can only be held in the future, as it is anomalous in other ways.

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