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Lindsey Horan Said it was difficult American Women’s National Soccer Team To read about additional allegations of cheating by male coaches NWSL While in Australia, I am training to play a friendly match between two people in Australia.

Rory Dames resigns from Chicago Red Stars Late Sunday night after allegations of abuse, he became NWSL’s fifth coach leaving in such a situation only this year.

Asked by ESPN how U.S. players in Australia worked on the news during the camp for two friendly matches, Horan will also focus on preparing for the match against Matildas. Said difficult.

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“It’s hard to do so many things here in Australian camps,” he said. Portland Thorns, Tells ESPN. “Obviously, you sit here and read this kind of thing and continue to be like” why? “.

“Similarly, how is this problem happening in the NWSL? It’s happening all over the world for fairness. I’m just sitting here and looking for positiveness. , These coaches are being released or fired, or are resigning to know that they are about to come. “

“There’s a lot to take in,” she added. “Obviously we’re trying to focus on the task here, but it’s difficult-seeing all this come out and surviving these stories of these players in our NWSL. And it’s hard to hear it their voice. “

The women’s team will arrive in Australia on Tuesday, play a friendly match in Sydney on Saturday (11:00 pm on Friday), and head to Newcastle for a second match on ESPN at 4 am on Tuesday.

48-year-old Dames led Red Stars to the NWSL Finale on Saturday. 2-1 NS Washington spirit After the extended war Thrilling pre- and post-match.. Within 48 hours, Dames resigned. Washington post On Monday, we published a report detailing allegations of harassment and psychological abuse from Dame. His resignation happened hours after the Red Stars were asked to comment.

Dames has joined four other male coaches who have been forced to dismiss or resign on suspicion of illegal activity at the NWSL of 10 teams. Paul Riley fired from North Carolina Courage In allegations of sexual coercion and predatory advancement to the player when he coached Portland Thorns. Richie Burke banned by NWSL After allegations of abuse with the Washington Spirit.Christie Holly was fired by Racing Louisville The club does not provide details, but for the “cause”. OL Reign Coach Farid Ventity was dismissed following a player’s complaint alleging inappropriate comments.

Ventity was a former Horan coach Paris Saint-Germain, When She later publicly claimed He made misleading comments and she said the body was ashamed of her, which urged her to lose an unhealthy amount of weight. Her public allegations arose before the reign hired him in January 2020.

“I think the courage from all these women coming out and talking about it is incredible, and I’m very grateful for it,” Horan added. “I think we’re all grateful for it as other players are opening these doors to talk about it.

“I think I had a personal experience too, so it’s a shame to hear these things. But while we’re in the camp, obviously we’re focused on the task at hand. It’s really hard to wake up and see this. An article about what’s happening at NWSL will come out again. “

NWSL game was temporarily canceled last month Especially when the player protests the processing of the complaint against Riley. The player reported his actions to the Thornes front office, but Riley was allowed to leave the club quietly and he was courageously hired a few months later. NWSL Commissioner Lisa Baird resigned last month in a controversy after the Star Striker. Alex Morgan reveals that Baird refused to re-examine Riley’s behavior At the request of the player.

Most players on the US Women’s Team compete in NWSL because the contract with the US Football Federation requires that they play club soccer in the national league.

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“There are many things to incorporate.” “There are many things to incorporate.”

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