There is a new Call of Duty mobile game under development

Activision Blizzard is currently involved in a California lawsuit over a culture of harassment and discrimination, but the company is still in the process of announcing a new game. CEO Bobby Kotick launched a call on the latest revenues by admitting the lawsuit, and then continued to announce Sledgehammer Games’ new Call of Duty game and the new Call of Duty mobile game.

“We have set up a new mobile in-house studio and are actively adding mobile. [inaudible] “These teams are leading the development of new unreleased mobile titles within the Call of Duty Universe,” said Rob Kostich, president of Activision, across several teams, including Benox and Activision Shanghai. I hope it will help take the franchise to new heights. “”

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There are many older mobile games in the Call of Duty franchise, but Call of Duty: Mobile has been the main focus of Activision since its release in 2019. Activision PR is currently confirming that a new mobile project is underway in the franchise. Along with the creation of a new internal mobile studio supported by Benox and Activision Shanghai Studios.

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