There is a Suez Canal simulator that will launch on Steam right away

There is a Suez Canal simulator that seems to be an incredibly coincidental timing for the creators of niche ship canal games, and will be released exactly next month, April 20th. The game appeared shortly after a stranded ship blocked the canal for about a week, causing global logistics delays and a flood of memes on the Suez Canal.

On March 23, an Evergiven container ship landed on the Suez Canal, drawing a great deal of attention to the world’s shipping lanes. The canal was closed for about a week while excavators and tugs were working to free the ship from the beach, resulting in a huge number of memes and even modifications to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Now you can use the Suez Canal Simulator to recreate the journey of a container ship through the canal. You can pull Evergiven or prove how easy it is to cross properly. According to Steam, the simulator game boasts “enjoying the wake of 600 kilometers of continuous, uninterrupted ships for hundreds of hours.” “From 100 kilometers away from the Mediterranean or the Red Sea, travel either north or south through the 193 kilometers long Suez Canal.”

The game provides ample play time for aspiring ship captains, and a complete journey takes “more than 24 hours”.

Little has been discovered about games and their developers prior to March this year, so it’s unclear if the Suez Canal Simulator is a well-timed project underway, or if the Evergiven crisis spurred its development.

An enhanced version called the Panama Canal Simulator is promised to arrive in August 2021, but the developers want to help add “all the great ships that pass through the Suez Canal” as DLC to the game. We are calling on enthusiasts. , “Free or paid”.

The Suez Canal Simulator will be released on Steam on April 20th.

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