“There is an emotional fallout from there.” – WWE Sports

Edge recently talked to Samoa Joe about his Grit and Glory series, and he looked back on his retirement from wrestling.

Rated-R Superstar first called his career time in 2011 because it was considered a career-threatening neck injury. Edge admitted that there was an emotional fallout from such a situation, but it now made him thank him for everything he did.

“What’s interesting about my scenario is that it’s been easier in a way because I was told I had no choice,” he commented on his first retirement in 2011. Go, ok, do you have any left? Do i have it? They are like, no, you are no longer allowed to do this. Along with that, you need to wrap your mind pretty quickly in this idea that this, what you wanted to do for the rest of your life, and that the only thing you knew about your entire adult life is now gone. about it. Then there is the emotional fallout.

“When I smelled that this was possible, I put my butt in there and kept moving and mashing to reach this point. I learned that I needed to save it. , Because it reminded everyone that it could be the last one. When talking to the people in the locker room, when talking to you now, when entering the ring ,I am grateful.”

Edge also talked about winning the WWE Championship at the company and how he did it once his goal was to maintain it.

“If we enter this industry, I think that’s what we all are trying to do. That’s the pinnacle,” he said. “You like to think it will happen, but you never know about this business. You just don’t know. You can make all the best plans, and sometimes it’s just It won’t happen.

“To make it happen … in the first three weeks, at least it happened, if it might never happen again. But it wasn’t my goal. My goal was to make it even more. It was to let you do it, and I’m going to solidify this. “(H / T to) For transcription)

– WWE Sports

“There is an emotional fallout from there.” “There is an emotional fallout from there.”

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