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It was a case of guts, but there was no glory Efe Oruk Today in Tokyo.

Emerging Roscommon talent threw everything include China’s Li Qian sink, which made its Olympic debut, wasn’t enough to secure her passage to the middleweight quarterfinals.

Rio medalist 2018 World Champion and active Asian Champion certainly didn’t look like an upper class, but she turned out to be too experienced for her first Olympic athlete. rice field.

Oroke managed to ruffle his 31-year-old wings and test the fitness and durability of a fighter who likes to fight like the Irish bullfighter Aidan Walsh.

However, Chinese fighters were able to do enough to win a unanimous point decision.

Especially in the second round, Li Qian held a lot and there were some discussions worth deducting points. It may have come third, but the fact that she had a lead allowed her to avoid close personal work in the last stanza.

O’Rourke didn’t look overwhelmed in the first Olympic round. She abandoned her usual internal and external approaches because of her totally aggressive tactics. This 24-year-old player tried to wear it to his Chinese opponent. It’s a dangerous tactic against such a fluid counter puncher, but it’s a tactic to earn occasional payouts. The score supported the active Assign Champion 3-2 by the end of the round, but it gave the feeling that O’Rourke might benefit from having LiQian fight at a faster pace.

All Irish fighters who started making reservations at the age of 18 were actions, followed by a few actions. Castleria fighters flew leather from start to finish. It wasn’t clean, except for the weirdly timely jabs, it seemed to be very effective. Li Qian died of suffocation and appeared to hold under constant pressure, close to a point deduction.

However, the Chinese fighter still took the round and was the last to lead with three cards.

I left 3 minutes to climb the mountain to climb O’Rourke, but there was hope given the frequency with which the # 2 seed was warned to hold. It was quite possible to deduct points.

However, experienced Chinese fighters made good use of the ring in the final round, picked and moved shots, and avoided the close personal encouragement that she was forced to clinch as much as possible.

Tokyo Olympics

July 24

Last 32
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July 25

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81kg Emmet Brennan (Ireland) lost to Dillshodorzmetov (Uzbekistan) 0-5

July 26
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52kg Brendan Irvine (Ireland) lost to Carlopa Alam (Philippines) 1-4

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57kg Michaela Walsh (Ireland) lost to Irma Testa (Italy) 0-5

July 27
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69kg Aidan Walsh (Ireland) beat Albert Menke (Cameroon) 5-0

July 28

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75kg Aoife O’Rourke (Ireland) v Qian Li (China)
57kg Kurt Walker (Ireland) beat Mirajisbeck Mizakarilov (Uzbekistan) 4-1

July 30
Last 16

60hk Kellie Harrington (Ireland) v Rebecca Nicoli (Italy) or Esmererda Falcon (Mexico)

Quarter finals
69kg Aidan Walsh (Ireland) v Mervin Clair (Mauritius) or Hussein Eashash (Jordan)

Aug. 1

Quarter finals

57kg Kart Walker v Duke Lagan (USA)

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There is so much guts but no glory that the battle with Efe Oruk loses in Tokyo There is so much guts but no glory that the battle with Efe Oruk loses in Tokyo

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