“There was nothing in Hendrick’s car.” – Motorsports

Bush finished third after a fierce battle with Chase Elliott and William Byron. However, No. 18 had little chance of Kyle Larson and the entire HMS fleet, admitting that the No. 18 team could only hope to be best-in-class by that night.

“Sure, there was nothing in Hendrick’s car,” Bush said. “Overall, it was a really good night for us. This M & M’s Camry was fast. With Ben (Crew Chief, Beshore) The boys did a really, really good job. Thank you for everything we had. It was enough to go there and run hard. I tried to disassemble them. To them I didn’t want him to finish 1-2-3-4 again, so I could at least stand in the middle of them, but overall it was a good job. “

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When it came to the lack of JGR in the fight against Hendrick Motorsport, Bush said it was “raw speed.”

“When we were running there in the middle of the race, we were wide open from 1 and 2 and barely breathing at 3 and 4,” he continued. “Complaining about raw speed. You have to be open all around, but in reality you have to go fast from that corner (4) to that corner (1). Motorsport) was fast and looks good. , Aero was also good “

Joe Gibbs Racing has also had a good year and has won five wins this season. Denny Hamlin is the only JGR driver who hasn’t won yet, but he leads the rankings in the regular season. However, HMS still seems to cover this area at this time.

In addition to leading 383 out of 400 laps in NASCAR’s longest race, the organization has won the last three races and is at least in the top two in all races.

When asked how close JGR was to Hendrick’s current performance, Bush replied frankly: If we were 1 to 10 and tonight (Kyle) Larson was 10, we would be about 7, so there is some work to be done.

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“There was nothing in Hendrick’s car.” “There was nothing in Hendrick’s car.”

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