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These are the best FTSE 100 and the worst FTSE 100 for me to buy in 2022.

I’m often a macro investor more than not.This is my FTSE 100 Investment decisions are made from a top-down perspective, with economic development and economic policy in mind. Based on these, I’m now looking at the best and worst stocks I’ll buy this year.

FTSE100 Oil Biggie looks good

The first of the best stocks is a huge oil company and there is no point to guess why. These inventories rose towards recovery due to the sharp rise in crude oil prices last year. In my opinion, these stocks may continue to be profitable. As the pandemic continues to ease, as seen in 2021, Continue the rally.. On top of that, it’s also my favorite dividend stock. In my view, they have many more benefits and they are about my best performing investment this year.

5 stocks to try to build wealth after 50

Markets around the world are recovering from the coronavirus pandemic … and so many great companies are trading at what looks like a “discount bin” price, so now there are some savvy investors. It may be time to get a potential bargain.

But whether you’re a novice investor or a veteran professional, deciding which stocks to add to your shopping list can be daunting during such an unprecedented era. There is a possibility of becoming.

Fortunately, a team of analysts at The Motley Fool UK have nominated five companies that they believe still boast significant long-term growth prospects despite the global turmoil …

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Of course, in oil stockpiling, there is always the possibility of a crash when returning to blockades around the world. Also, there is no guarantee that the transition to a clean energy company will be easy, so even a good purchase for the time being can be a risky bet in the long run.

Banks can make a profit

The second group of strong stocks is banks, which are pandemic and really declining. There was some recovery last year, but I think we really saw a recovery this year. Banks may benefit from a recovery as a circulating stock. In addition, they also High interest rate environment, Because it gives them greater discretion to raise their own lending rates. Their dividends may improve with their finances. Still, their stock price is still relatively low. This is very attractive to me. But as long as we expect a recovery, they are fascinating. If Omicron and other coronavirus variants cause another havoc, the economy could move south, which would have a negative impact on banks.

Avoid real estate

But I would like to avoid exposure to real estate stocks. The real estate market was surprisingly strong in 2020 and 2021. This is due to government support policies and the ability of British households to save a lot of wealth and buy big ones during the blockade. However, such a policy has now been withdrawn and the blockade that may affect future savings has been lifted.

As a result, I think the performance of these stocks may be affected for the foreseeable future. That said, I think the sector could continue to be booming. If the recovery is strong, savings can remain high, which can lead to home purchases continuing with a fast clip. But I’m not entirely sure if it works this way. Therefore, you are more likely to avoid this sector.

But in general, I think 2022 will give us a lot of opportunities to buy high quality FTSE 100 shares, perhaps even at low prices. I am looking forward to this year’s investment.

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Manika Premusin There are no positions in any of the above stocks. The Motley Fool UK does not have a position in any of the shares mentioned. The views expressed about the companies mentioned in this article are those of the author and may differ from the official recommendations made by subscription services such as Share Advisor, Hidden Winners, and Pro. Here at The Motley Fool, given the various insights, A better investor than us.

These are the best FTSE 100 and the worst FTSE 100 for me to buy in 2022. These are the best FTSE 100 and the worst FTSE 100 for me to buy in 2022.

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