These are the hottest Marvel and DC Comics to collect right now

Recently, best-selling books sell about 150,000 copies in a good month. In contrast to something like West Coast Avengers # 45, it’s the first appearance of “White Vision” (later seen in WandaVision). “I don’t know if it was millions [of copies]But it was definitely hundreds of thousands, “says Poulakas. This affects the price. “First appearance of Miss America [in 2011’s Vengeance #1] Much harder to get than the first appearance of Beta Ray Bill [who debuted in 1983’s Thor #337].. Vengeance # 1 currently sells for over $ 200, while Thor # 337 sells on average about one-third. In this case, “old” is not necessarily the same as “better” or “more valuable.”

The next thing you need to know is what you are looking for. Collectors tend to fall into two categories, says Ryan Higgins, a comic conspiracy in Sunnyvale, California. “We see so many people looking for a perfect run,” he says. “A surprising number of people are trying to fill in random problems.” Key issues – first appearances, major life events for characters, new creative teams – are the main focus of the second group. But it’s interesting how the characters are categorized in these two groups. Big characters like Superman, Captain America and Batman feel the prices are very stable. “Batman is impossible,” he says. “All Batman books are priced correctly.” It’s the secondary and tertiary characters that make the most movement and find the best value. If you reach it in time.

“If they announce a character [for a movie or television appearance]It’s too late, “says Higgins. “The needle is already moving.”

Characters that jump to the big screen will significantly increase the price of books for collectors. It doesn’t prevent you from buying their critical issue, but it can be out of their reach. And when people are in a hurry to anticipate the world of different films, people are making a leap that doesn’t always make sense.

“Darkhawk # 1 in 1991, with no real rumors of appearing in a movie overnight, went from a $ 5 book to a $ 200 book,” says Higgins. That’s why we take this seriously, and at least if it’s modest to some extent, keep an eye out for new book solicitations, find important issues that have been released, and Marvel and DC have decided to reprint.

“”[Marvel] We did all these Kid Loki and Lady Loki trade paperbacks up to the show, “he points out. “Making money is more important than spoilers.” If they’re reprinting something that looks random, it could be ahead of something that’s likely to happen.

These are the hottest Marvel and DC Comics to collect right now

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