These engines will be revised as dirt bikes and added to PUBG update 9.2 on the console

In less than a month PUBG season 9 Above all, we kicked off stylishly with a fresh new map to survive. Thanks to PUBG Update 9.2, there are many more additions Xbox, PlayStation and Google Stadia. Players who drop in on the Battlefield in Update 9.2 can jump into new vehicles, check their mini survivor passes, and experience minor gameplay improvements.

Those who play PUBG on their PC already have a week to explore Update 9.2, but it’s time for console gamers to see what’s available. The most exciting addition is arguably the addition of a new model, the dirt bike. Available on all maps except Karakin, this sweet single-seater ride is ready to handle all kinds of terrain thanks to its improved suspension and can reach up to 130km / h at absolutely high speeds. I will. Finding a dirt bike shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Dirt bikes replace 50% of existing bikes in the game.

Then there’s the Battle Bride Survivor Pass, which shifts focus from seasonal themes and introduces a single character pass. Following the hero Sadhya Cresi, who you may know from Karakin’s folklore, you can unlock some of her iconic skins found in PUBG motion comics. The Battle Bride Pass progresses independently of the Survivor Pass: Highlands, and you can complete a total of 15 levels by participating in matches and earning XP.

This update also includes gameplay changes that allow you to shoot from the driver’s seat. What the driver’s shooting mechanic does is to fire sidearm weapons while driving and still maintain control of the vehicle. In addition, the sidearm has an improved balance of damage multiplier, aiming, ADS movement speed, and more.

To experience it for yourself, download the update on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Google Stadia, and then start working immediately.

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Rev those engines as dirt bikes and more arrive in PUBG update 9.2 on console

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